Calm Room | Screen shot courtesy EPISD

MacArthur counselor creates virtual Calm Room to help students, community cope with stress, anxiety

Young people are resilient and tough. But the stress of the pandemic, coupled with the traditional pressure that comes with school and family, can still take their toll on many students.

That’s why MacArthur counselor Julie Pedregon decided to create a virtual calm room for students and the community at-large designed to help them cope with the anxiety of today’s new normal.

The calm room provides users with an opportunity to try meditation, watch mindfulness videos, listen to relaxing sounds or soothing music, and even stretch through a short yoga session.

“The purpose is to help us relax during these difficult times,” Pedregon said. “We will have time to share positive messages with one another followed by a video with soothing music to rejuvenate us.”

Pedregon hopes the music helps virtual visitors’ lower their anxiety and stress levels.

“The sounds or frequencies are believed to reverse and undo negative feelings,” she said.
The virtual platform allows viewers to be interactive and connect with others. She continues to build on the platform hoping to have a more extensive library of relaxation tools.

“Within this platform, MacArthur Family can view and add comments at any time,” Pedregon said. “The goal is to have a platform, so we can interact.”

To check out the virtual calm room, click here.

Story by Reneé de Santos – El Paso ISD