• January 28, 2022
 MacArthur, Lincoln cheer squads join forces for virtual summer camp

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MacArthur, Lincoln cheer squads join forces for virtual summer camp

The year-round sport of cheerleading isn’t taking a break this summer – even if it has to go virtual.

The MacArthur and Lincoln middle school cheerleading squads joined forces for a week-long Zoom-based camp.

The cheerleaders were busy this week learning basic cheer moves, jumps and dances. They broke down routines, worked in groups and practicing independently to hone their skills to prepare for a video they’ll be turning into their coaches for review on Friday.

“Cheerleading is a year around sport,” said Lincoln cheer coach Maggie Ensley. “The bond and sportsmanship that these girls obtain during trainings together is an important part of their middle school experience. I invited Coach Stephanie Salgado from MacArthur Middle School to train will the Lincoln team for a sense of normality.”

In a traditional camp, the girls would normally learn routines with other squads.

“They learn sportsmanship and still the sense of competition that athletes have to do the best that their squad can do,” Ensley said. “They learn the routines more proficiently to be sharper, jump higher.”

Both teams started their season virtually with tryouts and practices online before the camp.

Ensley and Salgado are joined by Abigail Acero, a former high school cheerleader, to train and prepare the 23 girls for the upcoming season – whether it be virtual or live.

“We have continued our work online in order to keep our squads ready for when we are able to cheer at games, compete and participate in EPISD pep rallies,” Ensley said.

Story by Reneé De Santos – EPISD

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