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Saturday , September 21 2019
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Video+Story: TNTM -Marvel Comics return of Wolverine

Marvel killed Wolverine back in 2014 in their “Death of Wolverine” series. He was supposedly sitting encased in Adamantium this whole time. We learn that Kitty Pryde phased through the metal and pulled Logan’s body out.

The X-men decided it would be best to remove him and bury him in an undisclosed location so nefarious people wouldn’t be able to abscond with his body and study how to replicate his powers.

Now, in 2018 the world discovers Logan is not in that Adamantium due to a botched robbery by the Reavers. A quick visit to his grave shows that is empty as well. Then we spot Wolverine in Marvel Legacy. He takes out a Frost Giant and nabs the Mind Stone (Infinity Stones).

Wolverine has been making cameos in a lot of Marvel titles. There is a “Hunt for Wolverine” intiative going on right now. All the other mutants have heard that Logan is alive and well. Some want to find him for good reasons, others for bad reasons.

All of this leads into the five issue “Return of Wolverine” series. Logan will be coming back with a new set of powers. When his Adamantium-laced claws are popped they have the ability to heat up. One of the many “Hunt For Wolverine” miniseries and one-shots should reveal how Logan will come to possess these new powers.

Marvel is billing “Return of Wolverine” as the final part of a trilogy that includes 2014’s “Death of Wolverine” and 2018’s “Hunt For Wolverine”. Return of Wolverine #1 (of 5) by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven arrives on September 19 from Marvel Comics.

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EP ELEC 2019 728×729
Mountains 728
Amy’s Ambassadorship
STEP 728
Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
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