Masons Deliver New Bikes to Moye Elementary Students

Fifty Moye Elementary School students will ride into the holiday season on brand new bikes thanks to the generous donation of a local Masonic lodge.

The Wallace Hughston Masonic Lodge in Northeast El Paso delivered the bikes to the students on Monday as part of a holiday tradition to give gifts to a nearby school the lodge has had since 2006. This year, lodge members picked Moye to benefit.

“There’s one word to describe why we do this—satisfaction,” lodge president David Adams said. “You can’t put a dollar sign on joy.”

The Masonic lodge, centered in Northeast El Paso, has raised money to donate gifts to a school in their community for over 11 years now.

Adams let Moye administration know his group would donate the 50 brand-new bicycles. Administrators picked recipients based on positive behavior factors.

When looking through candidates to receive a bike, Counselor Belinda Ortega-Enriquez was looking for students with perfect attendance and that followed PAWS — Practice respect, Act responsible, Work hard and Stay safe.

The chosen Mountainlions were called to their cafeteria Monday afternoon where they sat in front a closed curtain. After an introduction by Ortega-Enriquez, Masons pulled the curtain back to reveal the new bikes.

Students squealed and hugged each other, with one student exclaiming “Vroom vroom!”

Jenna Cyl worked hard all year long, not in exchange of a reward, but for her own educational benefit. However, she didn’t mind her early Christmas gift.

“It feels so good to get a new bike,” she said enthusiastically.

Jenna’s mother, Monica Cyl, said her daughter made it a point not to miss a day of school, even when she was feeling a little bit sick.

“For her to be recognized for her hard work, it’s awesome,” she said.

The event also coincided perfectly with Moye’s core value of the month—generosity.

“This is a perfect example for the kids,” Ortega-Enriquez said. “They see how generosity plays a role in the community.”

Author: Andrea Cortez | Photo by Leonel Monroy – EPISD