• May 27, 2022
 Community Meeting on Downtown Arena scheduled for Monday Night

Community Meeting on Downtown Arena scheduled for Monday Night

The City of El Paso has scheduled a community meeting to provide helpful information about the land acquisition process, including relocation assistance, related to the development of the Multipurpose Cultural and Performing Arts Center (MPC).

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Nov. 14, at the vacant Fire Station, located at 331 S. Santa Fe Street.

The intent of the meeting is to empower impacted tenants and property owners with useful information and provide them with the opportunity to ask questions and share their concerns.

The City has identified a site immediately south of the Convention Center for the master planning area of the $180 million Multipurpose Cultural and Performing Arts Facility – one of three signature projects approved by voters as part of the 2012 bond program.

The City will not acquire all properties within the master planning area. The goal is to impact the fewest number of properties possible for the MPC and its access points. The actual footprint of the proposed facility is located on one and a half blocks from South Santa Fe Street south to Paisano, west to the alleyway before Leon Street, up the alleyway to West Overland Avenue and east to South Santa Fe Street.

Additional community meetings with tenants and property owners will be scheduled throughout the land acquisition process.

The site was one of three identified in a Site Evaluation Report developed by HKS, as part of an urban planning contract awarded to them by El Paso City Council in December 2013. In 2014, HKS launched a community outreach campaign to provide with the public with opportunities to offer input for the Site Evaluation Report. The outreach campaign included a public planning kick-off event followed by six public outreach workshops and community project briefings that were held between February 2014 to January 2015.

Learn more about this signature bond project or like the City of El Paso on Facebook on Twitter.

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  • On October 18 2016,El Paso City Council voted unanimously on the location to where the new downtown arena will be built,and location is right across the street from the Judson F. Williams Convention Center.
    That location itself fits ideally accurate with the Civic Center wedged between Southwest University Park Stadium and the proposed downtown arena. The location itself couldn’t have been the best location choice given that there are no other downtown locations to build the arena at.
    The area consist of old dilapidated buildings,vacant warehouses and very few residential houses and rundown dwellings along with two parking lots.There is really no historical value in any of these old houses or building other than that the people living there now are determined too stubborn to move out. The area itself is the Armpit of downtown El Paso,an eyesore in the day time and a vulnerable dangerous place to get mugged or carjacked at night time.
    So with this being said, a brand new downtown arena is slated to be built and the sooner the city gets started building it the better.
    But then there comes another obstacle and more of a total nuisance from vice chair of the El Paso County Historical Commission Max Grossman.And other anti progress activist and the same whiners that complained
    when the city was going to implode city hall to make way for the downtown stadium.
    And there is another suggestion that the Rail yard is favored for arena site, and by whom? they didn’t state. But building the downtown arena behind city hall and on top of the rail yards is ridiculously insane. There was a time when then former El Paso mayor Ray Caballero had an visual idea to build an arena at this rail yard location. But the entire location also came with this very nice huge Central Park idea that would had been located in the entire Union Pacific rail yards. Well the rail yards didn’t move to Santa Teresa when Union Pacific built the new $400 million rail yards there.
    So the longer the city waits to get started on constructing the downtown arena, the more ammunition and legalities it will encounter with protesters and activist opposing the arena’s location site.
    These Historic Commission people were not around or nowhere to be found when the developers tore down the old Masonic Temple building on Missouri and El Paso Street to build the Holiday Inn.And they were not around to protest all the buildings that came down to build the Convention Center during back in the late 1960’s and early 70’s.And Thank God for that, because had they been around back then El Paso would still look like dirt cheap nothing with no changes and no commerce.
    And finally as far as old historic buildings are concerned,there are over 1,000 and more old houses and structures in Central El Paso. From El Segundo Barrio to the south,Magoffin historical district to the east,the San Francisco historical neighborhood behind Southwest University Park Stadium. The Sunset District above west of downtown,the Rio Grande historical district to the north and all the old houses and buildings extending from El Paso High School to Memorial Park to the northeast and beyond.
    You can’t have your cake and ice cream and eat it all to yourself Historical commision and anti progress activist. Downtown El Paso needs to continue with it’s ongoing revitalization progress and forsure you need to stay out of it’s way and think about what you already have and that nothing can touch it.
    Don’t ruin it for everyone else just because you are on a greedy selfish shortsighted anti progress mood.
    That is what the Naysayers do to El Paso as they only think of themselves and attempt to block everything that is good. BUILD THE DOWNTOWN ARENA and without any further delay.

  • They just finished showing on channel 9 news outside the Firehouse #11 all these shirtless Changos dancing to the beat of what appeared to be war drums. I don’t know if it’s some kind of voodoo ritual or high on ecstasy due to the foul moon but they are not the more traditional Matachines.But it would figure that they are there performing for a negative dead cause but nothing related to sacrifices for the Aztec Gods! So this is what a community meeting downtown arena looks like on a Full Moon Monday Night!

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