Mesita’s annual dual-language summer camp helps students understand other cultures

Mesita transformed into China, Mexico, Australia, France and other foreign lands this summer as dual-language students emersed themselves in the cultures of those nations.

The annual camp drew 174 students to the campus and another 42 online for the World’s Fair-themed enrichment camp.

During the two week-camp, the first though fifth graders focused on industrial innovation, technology and cultural connections with the countries. They shared their new-found knowledge with their peers and families on Friday.

“As a nation we have so many different population and communities, heritages and cultures mixed together,” said Patricia Castaño, Mesita teacher and dual-language campus mentor. “We wanted kiddos see the similarities of one nation verses another and make connections.”

Each classroom featured a different theme and grade level – dances, foods, language and other activities gave the students a taste of the various countries in the world fair.

“We actually tried food from Australia and made barrettes, learned about sports, animals, songs and musicians from different countries,” said Emiliano Trevizo. “It’s very cool. I love it.”

For Trevizo, the camp meant hanging on for just a little longer to his beloved elementary school especially after learning virtual for more than a year.

“I’m enjoying my last moments at Mesita. I’m never coming back, sadly,” said the future Wiggs Middle sixth grader. “It feels awesome to come back to school.”

Catalina Serrano, also an incoming sixth grader, took advantage of the program to keep up her Spanish skills.

“I wanted to learn more Spanish and speak to my grandparents in Spanish,” she said. “I also wanted to come to camp to learn about the different countries. I recommend it for people to do next year. The teachers are fun. They teach you good stuff.”

Story by Reneé de Santos – Photos by Leonel Monroy  | El Paso ISD

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