Video+Story: Mija Project awards 14 local Mijas Power Up! Scholarships

Back in May, Mija, Yes You Can announced a call for local Mijas to apply for their first ever Mija, Power Up! Scholarship program, thanks to a generous grant from El Paso Electric.

On Thursday, August 19, the Mija Project honored 14 winning Mijas at their first annual awards ceremony in various categories.

“El Paso Electric is proud to encourage the educational advancement of all women in our region and support growth and development opportunities to help them achieve their goals,” said El Paso Electric President and CEO Kelly A. Tomblin.

“Your access to education or level of success should not be predicated on your gender or economic status, which is why we have chosen to partner with a number of organizations like Mija! Yes You Can who make it their mission to support underserved groups. Congratulations all the recipients! We know you will accomplish so much.”

More than 250 Mijas applied for the scholarships, including Graduating Mijas, Collegiate Mijas, Rising Mija, and Business Mijas.

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