Photo courtesy Mija, Yes You Can / Facebook

Mija, Yes You Can Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary with Mija Market Celebrating Women

Officials with the Mija, Yes You Can organization announced their group’s celebration of the two-year anniversary at its long-awaited Mija Market.

In the Mijas’ mission to empower women and girls, the market will host women-owned craft vendors at Chuco Relic on Sunday, March 13 from 10am – 3pm.

The event also encourages visitors to contribute to the Mijas’ growing collection of feminine hygiene products that will be donated to local schools. Donors will enjoy Mija birthday cake and hot dogs while supplies last.

“Nurses, teachers, and coaches are having to pay money out of their own pocket to buy items that are essential to young girls,” said Sarah Zambrano, Head of Operational Volunteers for the Mija Project. “We want to do our part in supporting young female students with the supplies they need, particularly schools that are unable to provide the items for free.”

The Mijas will celebrate with a female DJ, and hold raffles every 20 minutes awarding Mija merchandise.

What: 2nd Annual Mija Market

When: Sunday, March 13 from 10am to 3pm

Where: Chuco Relic, 750 Gateway Blvd E Ste B, El Paso, TX 79905