shelves of personal care products at EP Center for Children
Photo courtesy Molina Healthcare / El Paso Center for Children

Molina Healthcare supports El Paso Center for Children via new “Community Closet”

Molina Healthcare of Texas announced Friday their partnership with the El Paso Center for Children to create a “Molina Community Closet” stocked with hygiene supplies and everyday essentials to meet the immediate needs of those the center serves.

“Molina Healthcare of Texas is committed to providing communities with necessary resources so they can feel more secure and comfortable, particularly during this difficult time,” said Anne Rote, plan president for Molina Healthcare of Texas.

“The El Paso Center for Children is doing critical work, and we hope that the Molina Community Closet will support better health and wellbeing for the children and families served in this vibrant community.”

The El Paso Center for Children has served the community, customizing its programs and services to meet the needs of El Paso.

Now, the pandemic has exacerbated many El Paso families’ needs for access to basic hygiene items, and the El Paso Center for Children’s Community Closet, provided by Molina, will be able to provide those necessities.

“Molina’s much-needed assistance will help us provide critical health supplies to families in our community,” said Victoria Roberts, project coordinator for the El Paso Center for Children. “This contribution will make a tremendous difference for local families and better our ability to achieve our mission to serve El Paso.”

For more than 100 years the El Paso Center for Children has been customizing programs and services to meet the needs of the El Paso Community. Early Childhood services offers group parenting classes to families that want to learn, improve, or better their parenting skills for their children. Services are free for anyone with a child under 5 years of age. Other services they offer are Youth Outreach & housing, Foster Care, and Counseling & life skills.

Since 2006, Molina Healthcare of Texas has been providing government-funded care for low-income individuals.