• June 24, 2022
 Monster’s Musings: The XFL is Back!

Monster’s Musings: The XFL is Back!

Vinnie Mac is at it again! After failing his first time at professional football, Vince McMahon the chairman of WWE, has decided to step out of the ring and back on the football field.

Via a live stream on Thursday afternoon, McMahon announced that he will bring back the XFL in 2020.

McMahon says that this version of the XFL will be different from the 2001 version. He says that this version of the XFL will “Deliver a fan-centric, innovative experience, including shorter, fast paced games and a family-friendly environment, complimented by cross-platform viewing option and real-time fan engagement.”

McMahon announced when the XFL launches in 2020, it will include eight teams with 40 man active rosters. The regular season will be 10 weeks long with the playoffs consisting of two semifinal games and a championship game.

When the XFL first came out in 2001, it was received with high ratings for the first game – but the interest dropped dramatically when the level of play was poor and he resorted to making the games have WWE-like storylines.

His approach resembled how he had transformed the WWE with the WWE Attitude era. He had cheerleaders dating the players and some of the announcers. Players fighting with each other and their coaches.

It seems that McMahon has learned from his mistakes and is asking for input from not only the media and players but also the fans. “The new XFL is an exciting opportunity to reimagine America’s favorite sport. As we move towards kickoff, we look forward to listening and implementing innovative ideas from players, coaches, medical experts, technology executives, the media and most importantly the fans.”

To his credit, some of the things he created for the XFL are still used by the NFL to this day. The XFL introduced the “Skycam” or as it known now as the “Madden Cam” which is a camera angle that gives a football game a video game feel. And of course the way game preview video packages are edited are influenced by the XFL’s style of video editing.

No teams or dates were announced for the XFL, but McMahon says that he has two years to get this version of the XFL right.

Let’s hope that he does, because I think that a little competition might do the NFL some good and let’s hope that “HE HATE ME” is back in some type of capacity with this new XFL.

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Mando Medina

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