• June 26, 2022
 Monster’s Musings: Great Night of Boxing in El Paso

Jennifer Han vs Lizbeth Crespo for the IBF World Female Featherweight Title, Don Haskins Center, El Paso Texas | Andres Acosta / El Paso Herald-Post

Monster’s Musings: Great Night of Boxing in El Paso

On Saturday night at the Don Haskins Center, a crowd of over five thousand fans were treated to a great night of boxing, featuring 10 fights presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

In a Junior Middleweight fight, Las Cruces native and former World Champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout got a unanimous decision in his eight round fight against Juan De Angel. The judges scored the fight 80-72 and they called it right.

Trout dominated the entire fight, but admitted that it took him some time to get his timing down. But once he did there was nothing that Del Angel could do to hurt Trout. In fact Trout wishes he could’ve fought longer:

“I felt strong, I wish had two more rounds to fight.” But one thing’s for sure, Trout fed off the energy of the fans.

“The people showed up, the energy was crazy, the love was overwhelming and we need need to come back with a bigger, better fight.

Once the Fox Sports cameras started to roll, the fans were treated to a very entertaining Super Middleweight IBF Eliminator fight between Caleb Plant and Porky Medina. Plant looked like he was gonna dominate the fight as he won the early rounds easily but Porky just wouldn’t go down.

The crowd started chanting “Porky, Porky” and by the 5th round Porky started to turn things around. As the T.V. audience saw, the rest of the fight was back and forth but Plant started to take control in the later rounds scoring a unanimous decision by the judges.

The T.V. main event featured former world champions Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander in a welterweight fight and it was as good as advertised. Both fighters gave it their all as they went toe to toe in a twelve round gem.

Clearly, the pro Ortiz crowd didn’t phase Alexander as he took it to Ortiz for the first half of the fight. In the second half, Ortiz gained steam and closed the gap. This was clearly the fight of the night as when the final bell rang, both fighters got a standing ovation from the crowd.

The match was declared a majority draw but I thought that Alexander won the fight. It is what it is, but none-the-less, I’d love to see the rematch.

And I did say the Ortiz-Alexander was the T.V. main event, because the fight that everyone really got excited for was Jennifer Han defending her IBF World Featherweight Title against Lizbeth Crespo. And they left happy, as Han successfully defended her title with a unanimous decision.

With many fans thinking Han would just roll over Crespo, in the post-fight news conference, Han talked about the difficulty of the match, saying “It was a tough fight, it is what it is, but I’m happy that I was able to out box her.”

One of the things that was frustrating for Han was Crespo’s aggressive technique and she was leading with her head a lot:

“I tried to keep her from stopping it, the ref kept calling on me, I’m very good on Lateral moments but I need to keep working on the head.”

And just like the Austin Trout fight, Han fed off the energy of the crowd:

“The crowd was amazing! I’ve never felt so much energy ever in my life and for them to show up at this kind of event, I think it proves that El Paso is a boxing town and they need to bring more events here.”

And speaking of the crowd, to be honest with you, I thought since FOX was televising the matches, it was gonna hurt the attendance but thankfully I was wrong. The crowd was very vocal all night long, clearly they were excited to have big time boxing back in El Paso.

I do have to criticize the promoters, as they failed to mention to the people in attendance that there were still gonna be some matches after the Ortiz-Alexander fight.  A lot of people left thinking that was the end of the program not knowing that the Han-Crespo fight hadn’t taken place. Once they did make the announcement, a lot of people had already left.

But in the end, it was a great night of boxing, everyone got their money’s worth, it looked great on T.V. and El Paso fans showed that they are hungry for more events like this.

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Mando Medina

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