• May 24, 2022
 Montoya hired as first Tinajero PK-8 School Principal

El Paso Independent School District

Montoya hired as first Tinajero PK-8 School Principal

Dr. Josefina Villamil Tinajero PK-8 School, EPISD’s upcoming Bond  consolidation of Henderson Middle and Clardy Elementary, has its first-ever principal, the El Paso Independent School District announced this week.  

Daniel Montoya, a long-time educator with a history of serving the South Side community, will serve  as principal when Tinajero opens in the fall. Montoya currently serves as principal at Henderson  Middle.  

“This community has a long-standing tradition of excellence, and I am confident that Mr. Montoya  will help us establish a new legacy of service at Tinajero,” said Superintendent Diana Sayavedra.  “Mr. Montoya is not only an outstanding and dedicated educator, he is also very familiar with the  

students and families in the neighborhood. This will make goal setting and attaining much  smoother.” 

Montoya has been principal at Henderson since December, and previously served as interim  principal and dean of operations at the school.  

He also has served as assistant principal at Bassett Middle School and an Active Learning Leader at  Armendariz Middle School, where he was a science teacher and a football and basketball coach. A U.S.  Air Force veteran, Montoya is a graduate of Park University with a bachelor’s degree in computer  science and the University of Texas at El Paso with a master’s in education.  

Tinajero PK-8 will serve elementary- and middle-school students in a modern facility that will consolidate  the historic Henderson and Clardy communities. The school is named for Dr. Josefina Villamil Tinajero,  a Henderson alumna and bilingual-education advocate and professor.  


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