Cowtipper Meal
Cowtipper Meal

Mooby’s Cowtipper Burgers and Fries meal kit from Goldbelly review

I am a huge Kevin Smith fan. When I heard they were doing Mooby’s pop-up restaurants around the country I got excited… until I saw none would be near me. I did a deep dive on Google and discovered the next best thing. You can get the Mooby’s Cowtipper delivered right to your door. The only catch is… you have to prepare it yourself! I decided to put on my chef’s hat and make another episode of Dude Food.

Manufacturer Description

Mooby’s is shipping its burgers nationwide on Goldbelly! Sink your teeth into a juicy double Cow Tipper along with a side of French fries and exquisite chocolate covered pretzels! Along with supplies for six burgers, your order comes with purple cups, napkins, and fry boats!

Snoochie Boochies, Funployees! Jay and Silent Bob are striking back in a major way by bringing Mooby’s — heretofore only known as a fictional burger joint in Kevin Smith films like “Dogma,” “Clerks II” and the “Jay and Silent Bob” franchise — to life. Spurred by a successful pop-up in West Hollywood, Mooby’s Cow Tipper burgers are now being delivered directly to your couch, along with plenty of Mooby’s-branded swag. Mooby’s: I’m Eating It!


This package serves 6 people and includes everything you need to make 6 Cow Tipper Double Cheeseburgers:

12 All-Beef Patties (each 3 oz.)

6 Martin’s Potato Buns

12 slices American Cheese

1 bag Frozen French Fries (2 lbs.)

Dill Pickles (6 oz.)

1 Onion (7 oz.)

Mooby’s Sauce (4 oz.)

6 Mustard Packets (each 1 oz.)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels (15 oz.)

6 Purple Cups

6 Purple Napkins

6 Mooby’s Fry Boats

4 Mooby’s x Goldbelly Stickers

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