Joe Moody | Background photo by Paul Hudson (UK)/Wikipedia commons

Moody withdraws as candidate for Speaker; Throws support to Phelan

Just days after announcing his candidacy for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Joe Moody (D–El Paso), the current speaker pro tempore of the Texas House of Representatives, announced that he would not run and said he would support of Dade Phelan (R–Beaumont) for speaker of the House

Below is Moody’s fulll statement:

“I released a statement on Election Day predicting a Democratic win in the Texas House. While that didn’t come to pass, everything else I wrote then is equally true now. The coming session remains one of unprecedented challenges, and it’s also still one of great hope and opportunity.

The pandemic is a tremendous threat, and its toll in lives and on our way of life is something that will linger long after the outbreak itself is under control. Legislating in that environment will be difficult and dangerous, but the work ahead is urgent.

We have to address our public health crisis. We have to address our criminal justice crisis. We have to address our economic crisis. And perhaps most of all, we as public servants have to address our institutional crisis, one that has shaken many Texans’ faith in government and in their fellow Texans.

The path ahead is one of healing, unity, and trust. I’ll still be advancing those tenets in the House with every fiber of my being. Our state and country will soon be lost if we don’t create a fair, transparent process where all voices are heard and disagreements don’t mean dehumanization. We can’t let partisan resentment stand in the way of that.

That’s why I’m withdrawing as a candidate for Speaker of the House and am proud to support Dade Phelan. We strongly agree on the central commitment for a House speaker: creating an open, honest process. Dade is also a man of conscience who’s consistently tried to do right by Texans and by members of the House when no one was looking. We should judge people by what they do when they aren’t seeking votes, and  Dade has earned my trust there. We’ll need that kind of principled leadership in the tough days ahead.

This election has been the most difficult and divisive in living memory. But as the dust settles on a result much different than the one I hoped and prayed and fought for, I’m not discouraged—I’m more inspired than ever to fight for the values I believe in. I hope you feel the same way, because our resolve is needed now more than ever.

The night may be long, but we can be lights for one another until the dawn.”