EPAA NEWS BLAST!!! Mora ~ The Landscapes - Photos courtesy of EPAA
EPAA NEWS BLAST!!! Mora ~ The Landscapes - Photos courtesy of EPAA

Mora ~ The Landscapes

For the first time, Mauricio Mora will open his studio for a never before seen art exhibit ~ The Landscapes.

Mauricio is a lovely person and an extraordinary artist! It was such a thrill and honor to visit his studio recently with his longtime friend Eddie Trevino. Mauricio’s art style is eclectic from figures in repose to effervescent abstracts.
The Landscape Series will be a deep dive into something new. So, save the date and we will see you in studio for this one of a kind exhibit. ~ Karla Zanelli

“In this exhibit, forms of nature speak to me in terms of human emotions. Nature pleases me and touches me, evoking enthusiasm for solitude. Nature frees me from all onuses of life, and when looking at landscapes, I find myself concentrating on the “self” which to me is the spirit and the soul of being. Through investigating nature, I am compelled to understand myself and reflect on my role and purpose of being. Art and philosophy are one during this engaging tie of observing nature and creating a landscape while painting. During this creative process, I am in constant touch with my inner emotions. The woods, the hills, the cliffs, the water- these are motifs for inspiration and reflection of a particular experience.”

“I created this landscape series as I understand it intellectually and my art is an expression of my concept of nature. When I choose my composition, I sacrifice detail in order to improve the overall effect of the composition. It is the effect of nature that is important and not the descriptive detail of the landscape. I concentrate on the emotional expression and aesthetic ideas that are naturally witnessed in nature. I do not feel obliged to represent nature realistically; this gives me the freedom to experiment with form, design, and color.”

“The scope of my work is an awareness of the emotions that nature gives me. I want the viewer to enter my landscape and be part of the scene margining him or herself into the picture and experiencing even if, for just a moment, its quietude, tranquility, and a relationship with nature.”
-Mauricio Mora


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