• May 9, 2021
 City Opens Office for Residents, Property Owners Impacted by Downtown Arena Site

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City Opens Office for Residents, Property Owners Impacted by Downtown Arena Site

The City of El Paso has opened an office in the Union Plaza District to provide impacted property owners and tenants with the opportunity to discuss the process for property acquisition and relocation assistance.

The site selection has many around the city upset, due to the area and the process the city undertook to inform the public.

Via a release, city officials say, “The City has identified a site just south of the Convention Center as the master planning area of the $180 million Multipurpose Cultural and Performing Arts Facility – one of three signature projects approved by voters as part of the 2012 bond program.”

Officials add, “The relocation program for residential and commercial property owners and their tenants will include plans that will be tailored to meet individual needs.”

According to the news release, some parcels outside the MPC footprint but within the master planning area may be necessary to provide access to the facility.  Officials go on to state that, “the determination as to whether a few extra parcels within the master planning area will be needed will be determined during the MPC’s design phase.”

The proposed footprint of the facility is located on one and a half blocks from South Santa Fe Street south to Paisano, west to the alleyway before Leon Street, up the alleyway to West Overland Avenue and east to South Santa Fe Street.

Additionally officials say, “The City will not acquire all properties within the master planning area. The goal is to impact the fewest number of properties possible for the MPC and its access points.”

The temporary office related to the development of the Multipurpose Cultural and Performing Arts Center (MPC) is located at 400 W. San Antonio and will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment with the MPC office, residents can call (915) 212-1631.

To learn more about this project, click on signature bond. To view our previous coverage of this issue, click HERE.

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  • It’s a No Brainer! for those that continue to insist on their stubborn ways,when I was a kid and a young teenager. I had so much room to catch fish in the canals,fly my kites, shoot my BB gun in a wide open environment.It was my granparents large acreage of farmland consisting of irrigation canals,cotton fields a huge drange ditch that would cut between the property.The first to go was a subdivision that was sold in lots to develope houses and my parents took advatage and had contractors build our first home.
    The area developed slowly throughout the years until the passing of my last grandparent,from there on,the remaining property was sold by my relatives to Housing Urban Development.
    And things would change fast and the entire Lower Valley would loose its prestige heritage of greenery,cotton fields and open land,only the irrigation canals are still there today.
    The low income projects took over and crime increased,people moved out very few remained,so I can see how these stubborn people in the Union Plaza must feel. But that don’t give them the excuse to continue to stay there as they stand in the way of changing times. We too moved away a long time ago and I have not looked back,actually the city did us all a favor.
    If we live inside the city limits we must accept the things we cannot change for better or for worst! when one door shuts another one opens.
    Downtown El Paso needs to grow,that is the heart of our city,so out with the old and in with the new,keep only what is worth saving. What is there now in the footprint of the downtown arena is not worth saving or preserving.A downtown arena will only economically enhance the area just like Southwest University Park Stadium did on north side of the Civic Center.
    As for my old barrio and stomping grounds in the Lower Valley, it’s beyond recognition even the nice old red brick elementary school was replaced and I’m more than glad not to live there anymore.
    Time to build the downtown arena!

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