Music Video: Avalanche featuring Amalia Mondragon

El Pasoans may know Robert Holguin as a long-time news anchor and reporter, some may know him via his work in films, at times portraying – oddly enough – journalists or reporters, and still others may know him from his work as a musician.

It’s Holguin’s newest work – a music video for a song he wrote called Avalanche – that has his fans talking, however it really isn’t his ‘newest’ song.

“The skeleton to this particular song was sitting in an abandoned hard drive,” Holguin shares on his Facebook page,  “A long-forgotten collaboration, collecting digital dust.”

He was so taken by the mood and feel of the song, that Holguin ‘got the band back together,’ recorded and shot the video over the span of just a few days.

“…I’m incredibly grateful to the talented friends who helped resurrect this lost tune…I’ve been playing music with some of these musicians for more than 20 years. Some of the other contributors are more contemporary, in any case, I hope you enjoy this song that I mixed and recorded here in my modest home studio.”

Of the song’s mood, Holguin says it’s a contradiction he’s faced before.

“So, I really enjoy listening to uptempo, fun music…but, for some reason, I tend to write really sad, depressing songs,” Holguin adds,  “…be warned – it’s a downer.”

Shot at the iconic ‘Tap’ Bar in Downtown El Paso, the video unfurls in rich colors and hues, backed by the smokey vocals of Amalia Mondragon. Holguin frames the main character – Uriel Chavez Posada – in shots reminiscent of a John Ford western, allowing the camera to linger; with the vocals seemingly echoing off the creases and valleys of Posada’s weathered face.

Avalanche featuring Amalia Mondragon

Video: Photographed, edited and directed by Robert Holguin
Cast: Uriel Chavez Posada
Crew: Isaac Jason Carranza, Jeraldine Ramos
Shot on Valentine’s Day, 2018 at The Tap in El Paso, TX.
Song: Mixed, engineered and produced by Robert Holguin
Vocals: Amalia Mondragon
Acoustic guitar: Dennis Daily
Electric guitar and pedal steel: David Garcia
Piano: Leo Bennato
Acoustic bass: Robert Holguin
Drums: Alex Gonzalez