Annie’s Adventures – My Top 2’s

Good morning my fellow adventurers!!! I always get requests to do a top 10 list or my Best of The Best list.

Take your screenshots of today’s story or bookmark it in your phones. I’m gonna list my top 2’s. As always, Go Local!!

*Annie’s Favorites- Rulis’ International Kitchen and Sunny’s Sushi (Viscount)

*Burgers- Chuco Burger and JD’s Burgers

*Vietnamese- Saigon Taste and What The Pho

*Thai- Reeno’s (Las Cruces) and Tara Thai

*Sushi- Sunny’s Sushi (Viscount) and Aqua Reef (Las Cruces)

*Steak- Cattleman’s and Pelican’s (Prime Rib)

*Pizza- Café Italia (downtown) and Ardivino’s

*Tacos- Tacoholics and Tacos Don Cuco

*Mexican- Kiki’s and L & J Café

*Café- Joe Vinney and Bronsons and Trade Craft

*Seafood- Pelican’s and King Crab

*Italian- Trattoria Bella Sera and Monteleone’s

*Chinese- Shang Dong and Red Lantern

*Cajon- Jonbalaya and King Crab

*BBQ- Rib Hut and State Line

*Food Truck- Jonbalaya and Asian Pacific

*Hot Dogs- El Paso’s Wurst (food truck) and Papa Burger

*Desserts- Bread Pudding at State Line, Barely Baked Cookie at Crave, and Arroz Con Leche at Sunland Park Racetrack

*Hidden Gem- La Tierra Café and Mustard Seed

*Fancy Dinner- Savoy De Mesilla and St. Clair Winery (both in Las Cruces)

*Also Check out- Papa Pita, Sparrow’s, Bogart’s, Anson 11 (downstairs), Pot Au Fu (fish and chips), The Pizza Joint, El Asador, Billy Crews, Garufa’s, Taco Shack, Zino’s, Toro Burger, The German Pub, At The Tea Spout, and Panda Burger

*Best Food Specials- Luna Rosa (Las Cruces) $5 pizza’s on Monday, Si Italia (Las Cruces) 2 for 1 pizza on Tuesday’s, Tacoholics $1 Taco Tuesday, Crave $5 burger and fries after 8pm on Tuesday’s, Tortuga Sports Lounge $1 Taco Tuesday, $3 Sushi rolls at Koi on Wed, Wing Daddy’s 49 cent boneless bites on Wed and 55 cent wings Tuesday, Nolita Corner Bistro $3 sushi on Wed, Little Diner $1 Gorditas on Monday and $1 tacos on Tuesday & Rulis’ International Kitchen Buy one tapa get one free Tuesday.

I may have forgot some food specials but just follow Annie’s Adventures on Facebook to catch them all.

Eat well my friends and tell them I sent ya 😉

-Annie’s Adventures