Mystery Poke Slabs
Mystery Poke Slabs

Mystery Poke Slabs unbox & review

I ran across a mystery box company that deals in graded Pokemon cards. I am a sucker for these mystery subscription boxes so I had to try it. The subscription was a bit pricey, $65. The graded card I received has a value of about $30-$35 on a good day. So basically, you are gambling on winning the raffle and give-a-way or getting lucky with a Gold Box. Unless you are into taking chances I wouldn’t subscribe to this box.

Company Description
Mystery Pokemón Graded Card Subscription
Open to 250 Subscribers
Only Limit 5 Subscriptions Per Customer
Guaranteed Authentic Graded Pokémon Card (CGC or PSA)

Vintage & Modern Slabs (Base Set-Current)
No Slab Off Limits (High Value and Big Hits Included)

Quality Packaging, Ensuring Your Slab Arrives in Mint Condition
Every Subscription Includes:
-1 Graded Card, CGC or PSA Guaranteed
-Entry into Featured Monthly Raffle
-Entry into Monthly Giveaways
-Chance to Receive a Gold Box

Gold Boxes
Gold Boxes are randomly sent out to lucky Subscribers EVERY week. These boxes are Super Valuable! All Subscribers have an equal chance to receive a Gold Box! There is NO extra cost, but TONS of extra Value! Good Luck!

Monthly Raffles
As an Active Subscriber to MysteryPokeSlabs, you will be Automatically entered into the Monthly Featured Raffle and Monthly Giveaways. Items include Elite Trainer Boxes, Rare Booster Packs/Boxes, and hard to find Collectibles.

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