Noah Carp and Mara Matosic | Photos courtesy STTE

National leaders join local nonprofit Success Through Technology Education

Success Through Technology Education (STTE) officials announced Thursday that Mara Matosic and Noah Carp have joined their board.

“These two national-caliber board members with tremendous energy and exceptional backgrounds have joined the board, and will help us to serve the youth from the Borderplex region,” STTE officials shared.

Matosic is an angel investor, entrepreneur, actress, and activist with vast tech and community programs experience. Co-founder of Rokode, Legacy Director of Women Who Code, Chairwoman of Cuadrilla Digital and Co-founder of the Beauty in Red Newsletter, Mara is passionate about the ever-growing role of women in technology and business and believes that knowledge sharing is the base of humanity.

To learn more about Matosic, visit her Linkedin profile

“Humankind is based on connection, and tech supercharges human interactions. My whole life I’ve been nurtured by a global community: I was born in Croatia and wonderfully received by Mexico after my family and I fled the Balkan war. It was this global community that empowered me to dream and believe in my power, not only as an actress or an entrepreneur, but as a human being. That is why I am both humbled and excited by the opportunity to be joining such a dynamic and accomplished board. I know the only way to keep empowering kids in the area in a sustainable manner is by creating and growing a true community. The common denominator we have for that today is tech. With my experience in software, I am hoping to establish new goals for STTE in the areas of engineering and coding, especially for young women in the area.”

Noah Carp has over 20 years of experience in education, technology, and professional services firms. Noah’s successful career in finance, operations, and strategic planning leadership roles have spanned non-private, privately held, and public companies. To learn more about Noah, click here to view his LinkedIn Profile.

“Entrepreneurship has been the common thread that I consistently identify in organizations, individuals, and initiatives that are successful, and STTE’s approach to providing learning opportunities in the Borderplex region redefines entrepreneurship.  I have been fortunate through my experiences in the education space to help in building partnerships between the public and private sectors.  Joining the STTE board is an absolute honor where I am excited to collaborate with a diverse group of leaders in helping to advance STTE’s mission in creating impactful, engaging, and unique learning opportunities that will develop our next generation of leaders.”

The STTE Board is chaired by Dr. Beto Pallares, New Mexico State University (NMSU) professor, and venture capitalist. Kathryn Hansen, Director at NMSU Arrowhead Center and Alysha Swann, Operations Manager at Workforce Solutions Borderplex, complete the five-member board.

STTE Foundation is funded by The Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Educational Development (CREEED), The Glassell Family Foundation and Sandbox Ventures.  STTE Foundation is a non-profit “501 (c)(3)” tax-exempt organization.

To learn more about STTE’s board members, click here.