• May 17, 2021
 Nat’l Weather Service:  ‘Significant’ snowfall for region Christmas weekend

Graphic: NWS

Nat’l Weather Service: ‘Significant’ snowfall for region Christmas weekend

During their Wednesday briefing, officials with the National Weather Service in Santa Teresa (NM) warned Borderland residents of ‘significant snowfall’ for the entire region this weekend.

On their YouTube Channel, officials said “Heavy snow event and widespread dangerous travel impact are expected for the Saturday and Sunday after Christmas day.”

12376131_888451814536868_2303515735824743214_nOfficials add that from Christmas night (Dec 25th) thru Sunday (Dec 27th) there could be between 3″ and 7″ of snow here in El Paso and surrounding counties.

In New Mexico, the totals could be as much as 2 feet in the Sacramento Mountains.

As the system approaches, we here at the Herald-Post will keep you informed with all the up-to-date forecasts, street closures and neighborhood conditions.

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Additionally, we provide you with the following tips from the El Paso Water Utilities and the El Paso Fire Department.

El Paso Water Utility:

  • Insulate exposed pipes and faucets outside and around your home, including those in unheated areas like basements, garages, attics or crawl-spaces.
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Remove harmful chemicals from the reach of children and pets during these times.
  • In severe cold, let cold water drip from faucets served by exposed pipes. Running a drip of water through the pipes helps prevent pipes from freezing because the temperature of the water is above freezing.
  • If a pipe does break on your property, EPWU encourages you to immediately turn off your water at the meter to avoid further damage and avoid water waste.
  • And if you are taking a vacation or away for several days, turn off your water at the meter in case of any damage done while away or think of someone who can monitor your home in your absence

El Paso Fire Department

As temperatures continue to drop, the El Paso Fire Department would like to remind the public to use caution when using their home heaters and fireplaces. These items should be checked and inspected for the dangerous release of carbon monoxide gas. Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning may resemble flu symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue and nauseas, but without fever. People may be unaware that the dangerous gas is overcoming them, as it is odorless, tasteless and colorless.

The El Paso Fire Department recommends having qualified, professionals inspect their heaters, furnaces and fireplaces to make sure that they are in good working condition and that all safety controls are working properly. It is very important to have working carbon monoxide detectors near those devices and working smoke alarms in every room.

Additionally, many families turn to alternative heat sources, such as space heaters, to help warm their homes. Many are unaware that the risk of fire from space heaters is 3 to 4 times higher than from central heating equipment. When using space heaters, the public is urged to follow these simple precautions to keep safe and warm this winter:

  1. After reading the instruction manual and checking for the testing approval mark, inspect the heater cord for frays and/or damage. Do not use it if it is damaged.
  2. Plug the heater directly into the outlet and never use extension cords.
  3. Keep the space heater at least three feet away from anything that can catch fire or is damp or wet, and be sure to use only a flat, level, floor surface.
  4. Keep space heaters away from high-traffic areas, but never leave them unattended or in rooms with unsupervised children.
  5. Make sure the circuit where the heater is plugged in can handle the added demand. Always turn off, unplug and safely store the heater when not in use.

The public is encouraged to get a comprehensive list of these and other safety tips at http://www.elpasotexas.gov/fire-department/divisions/fire-prevention under the “Safety Tips” area.

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