• July 24, 2021
 New Book “Local Warming” Ranks El Paso 1st in Abnormal Warmth

Photo: City of El Paso

New Book “Local Warming” Ranks El Paso 1st in Abnormal Warmth

Like nearly every large city in America, the climate of El Paso is warming rapidly. This is among the conclusions of a new comparative study, “Local Warming: An almanac of American climate change,” by Thomas Munro.

Munro, a Harvard-educated journalist, writes that he undertook this project because, “while most Americans have noticed their weather changing, they are discouraged by media, politicians, and even climate scientists from connecting those changes to global phenomena…It is this disconnect between the powerful, unsettling lived experience of a changing climate and the bogeyman of “climate change” that inspired this book.”

“Local Warming” presents and compares in charts, graphs, and an explanatory narrative the temperature histories, based on NOAA data, of the 100 largest cities in the United States from 2011 to 2017, plus the largest cities in the states not on that list. It also includes charts and graphs describing state-level results.

According to Monro, the results for El Paso speak for themselves.

  • El Paso
    • 1st in average temperature departure, 2011-2017 (2.4 degrees above normal)
    • 2nd in months above normal average temp, 2011-2017 (81% of months)
    • 16 months 5+ degrees above normal highs, 2011-2017; zero 5+ degrees below

Over those seven years, sixteen months were five or more degrees above normal highs, and none were five or more below normal.

  • Texas
    • Averaged 1.6 degrees above normal highs over past decade

Texas’s state-level results are equally worrying, as the state has warmed steadily for the past 50 years.

As important as this local information is, the most powerful impact of “Local Warming” may lie in the national context it provides.

“Because it is not just El Paso that is warmer: only one city in the study had average temperatures below normal, on average, over the past seven years. Not a single city was cooler than normal in 2016, and only one was below normal in 2017. No city had more exceptionally warm than exceptionally cool months from 2011 to 2017. Everyone is experiencing local warming,” Munro shares.

“Local Warming: An almanac of American climate change” is available through Amazon as an e-book or in print. To see sample pages from the book or to learn more about the project, visit the author’s website.

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1 Comment

  • Being born and growing up in El Paso, I have actually seen this climate change in the city from my own observation.El Paso has always had hot weather but lucky for us it don’t get as hot as that Hell Hole Phoenix Arizona at least not as bad.
    In the 1950’s it would rain every Fourth of July, in the 1960’s the grounds and streets would freeze during the winter months. I would look out my upstairs bedroom window and it was all white out with solid frozen frost, it was cold walking to school in the early mornings.You could see your breath in front of your faces and waiting for the teachers to open the doors to come inside the school building was a relief from the cold.
    And not just El Paso, we would go to Ruidoso at least two of three times a summer, up in the Pine country,Ruidoso would smell like those christmas tree lot sales. The smell of pine tree sap and then there was the stream with very frigid cold water from June to August and beyond that stream water was always frigid cold. You couldn’t swim in it since it was so cold as ice.
    I return to Ruidoso two years ago in August and the mountain stream water was luke warm,it wasn’t even cool water.And the fresh smell of the evergreen forest was missing. Global Warming is very real and not a Chinese hoax like Donald Trump want’s everyone to believe.
    I was away from El Paso for 23 years and returned back home eight years, upon my arrival in November 2010. We had some snow a couple weeks later,but is was not as cold till that freak ice storm that hit El Paso in February 2011, things seem normal.
    But then the continuous heat, I notice that we don’t longer have all four seasons like before, Winter Spring,Summer, and Fall. Now we just have Fall and back to Spring which is no different than summer, maybe the increase in traffic and the population growth. El Paso has gotten more crowded,more people more traffic, more congestion more pollution more of everything some good and some not so good.
    Everything of a big isolated American city with a huge military base and a supersize Mexican neighbor city that shares our streets and visa versa.
    The climate in El Paso is still liveable but I like the cool weather better that I was used too when I lived in Northern California’s Bay Area known as the City by the Bay.
    El Paso has always been home and always will be home!
    The only thing I hate more than hot weather is people that are not from here and are telling us what we can build and not build in our own downtown with our taxpayer dollars.
    I wish they get the HELL out of Town! and move on elsewhere.

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