• January 27, 2022
 New Haskins agriculture program creates pipeline to Coronado High

New Haskins agriculture program creates pipeline to Coronado High

A pilot program at the new Don Haskins began this year to give middle schoolers interested in agriculture a taste of courses and extracurricular opportunities available to them at Coronado High.

Teacher Luis Tinajero, who teaches five classes at Haskins, hopes the new course offering will establish a pipeline to Coronado’s well-established Ag classes and the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program. So far, 120 Haskins students signed up for the elective.

“This is a growing program,” said Tinajero, who also teaches at Coronado. “We’re excited we have students who want to learn about ag.”

The first semester Tinajero is focusing on the basics about the FFA program, agriculture, career pathways and commodities. Next semester, students will head to Coronado’s nearby farm for more hands-on lessons.

“We have cattle, goats and chickens out there,” Tinajero said. We’ll be teaching the proper feeding ratios, plant care and the chores that are never ending on a farm.”

The middle school class has drawn students with little to no background in ag to some more knowledgeable about farming.

“I thought it would be fun to learn about agriculture and animals –where we get our food, how much money it takes to farm and grow crops and take care of the animals,” eighth grader Layla Heredia said.

While she was new to learning about the field, her classmate Stewart Queen already knows agriculture is in his future. The eighth grade grew up in North Carolina around farms, and for him it is second nature.

“I see this class as giving me a jump start,” Stewart said, dressed for the part with his boots and cowboy hat. “In this class, it’ll cover a little bit of everything. Want to do welding or ag mechanics on a farm.”

Author: Reneé de Santos El Paso ISD

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