New local partnership to support Female-Identifying Filmmakers in El Paso, Juarez

Officials with the Caldo Collective, the region’s only non-profit organization providing unrestricted direct support for local artists announced a new partnership to support female identifying filmmakers in the region in the first ever Femme Frontera Frijol Feast.

The Caldo Collective and Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase invite the public to an event that will support female-identifying filmmakers who are creating work in and about the El Paso/Ciudad Juárez region. The feast is the latest in the Frijol Feasts grant program, created by the Caldo Collective.

“Frijol Feasts” is a dinner designed to raise micro-funds for artists living and/or working in the El Paso Community and broader border area. Three times per year, Caldo invites the El Paso community to share home-made caldo over locally grown art. Up to five different local artists are selected as the special guests for each dinner.

The artists come ready to share their story and their work with guests. After learning about each artist, their ideas and their potential impact on the community, dinner guests vote on their favorite artist. The artist who is selected by the dinner guests receives the funds raised by the dinner donations collected at the door.

In true Caldo spirit, Frijol Feasts are held in a community member’s front or back yard and are designed to raise grassroots funds for artists whose work is embedded in community.

Caldo’s first feast was held in a back yard and raised $1300 in two hours for a local dancemaker.

Most recently, the Caldo Collective partnered with the Substation to raise nearly $5,000 in one night for a high school senior bound for UTEP to study Environmental Science and Art. Since its inaugural year and together with the community, the Caldo Collective has raised nearly $30,000 through thousands of unique contributions.

The Femme Frontera Frijol Feast will feature five filmmakers whose work highlights border narratives. Each filmmaker will present a project they intend to submit to the 2019 Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase.

“The Caldo Collective calls on community to support border voices and border stories, told by female filmmakers who are connected to the U.S.+Mexico border. Which voice tells our stories matters,” officials shared via an email.

“A $15 contribution is required in order to cast a vote in the feast. Those who are unable to provide monetary support but would like to cast a vote during the feast may contact the collective to volunteer for the event.”

Those unable to attend the feast are welcome to donate to the Femme Frontera Feast Fund in lieu of their attendance at their website.

Femme Frontera Frijol Feast
June 15, 2019
626 Blacker, El Paso, TX 79902

Jacqueline Barragan
Brisieda “Brioch” Ochoa
Marisol González
Alejandra Aragón
Yeraldín Balcázar