• June 29, 2022
 Website Tracks El Paso’s Growth, Locations Where New Residents Came From

Website Tracks El Paso’s Growth, Locations Where New Residents Came From

If you live in El Paso, you may have noticed you have some more neighbors than you used to. For those thinking of moving here, they aren’t alone.

Acording to SpareFoot, a moving and relocation assistance website,  the El Paso metropolitan area gained 4,763 new residents from 2015 to 2016, according to the latest census figures.

During the same time, El Paso County, where the city of El Paso is located, grew a tiny bit more slowly, at 0.5 percent, for a gain of 4,135 residents.  As of 2016, El Paso County had 837,918 residents.

Some of those thousands of new residents are newborns or immigrants, but many of them come from elsewhere within the U.S. and Texas.

In another census study, conducted over five years from 2011-2015, show where those new residents are coming from. It turns out many of them are coming from nearby Las Cruces, while others are coming from Arizona, Oklahoma, and even Hawaii.

El Paso County attracted 30,731 domestic movers between 2011 and 2015. The vast majority, 78 percent, came from out of the state, and the other 22 percent came from other places within Texas.

Below are rankings for the top five counties of origin for movers to El Paso County:

Movers outside of Texas:

  1. Doña Ana County, NM (Las Cruces)
  2. Cumberland County, NC (Fayetteville)
  3. Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix)
  4. Comanche County, OK (Lawton)
  5. Honolulu County, HI

Movers from Texas:

  1. Ector County
  2. Harris County
  3. Bexar County
  4. Bell County
  5. Dallas County

Above are the top places inside Texas that people moved to El Paso County from over the five-year period 2011-2015. Numbers represent the number of movers from that place during the period.


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