New Wi-Fi Hotspots give Socorro ISD Students more Access to Internet

As part of its continued Future Ready efforts, Team SISD has added 275 Wi-Fi hotspots to its student resources and is making them available for students to use on a check-out basis.

The Wi-Fi check out system is part of Team SISD’s commitment to provide 24/7 access to technology for students and ensure they are engaged in high-quality, digital learning in order to be prepared for college, careers and life.

The hotspots are available at 16 WIN Academy campuses and high schools in Team SISD. Students can check-out the Wi-Fi hotspots from the library to use at home.

Team SISD is leading the way in digital teaching and learning, which includes expanding access to high-speed internet, providing more advanced technology tools, utilizing web-based instruction, and providing training for educators to be technology savvy.

“It is imperative that we connect our students to the internet and the latest technology in order for them to be successful in our fast-paced, high-tech society,” said Superintendent Dr. José Espinoza. “As a Future Ready school district, we are committed to doing everything possible to give students the technology they need to become globally competitive graduates.”

As part of Operation Future Ready efforts, Team SISD students have the latest digital tools, such as laptops and tablets, at their fingertips, and classrooms, labs and libraries districtwide are equipped with high-speed and Wi-Fi Internet access. The hotspots are the latest addition to give students increased access to the internet.

The high-tech tools give students more blended learning opportunities, which combines traditional face-to-face instruction with web-based online learning.

The students in the WIN Academy campuses are receiving instruction through a digital curriculum and use a personal digital learning device. The WIN Academy is a unique program that ensures students who struggle in a traditional education setting receive more learning time with a double dose of reading and math, more resources, and more personalized learning with a teacher who loops with them for multiple years.

“Offering more digital resources, especially to our WIN Academy students, enables us to provide Team SISD students rigorous, relevant instruction,” said SISD Chief Technology Officer Hector Reyna. “We’re proud to offer these Wi-Fi hotspots so that their learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom. The increased internet access gives them the freedom to keep learning at any time in any location.”

Last year, the district launched an interactive web page ( with a comprehensive list where students and families can access free Wi-Fi services in the community.

The free Wi-Fi locations page allows students and parents to quickly locate establishments where they can use the internet for free on phones, tablets and other mobile devices. The Wi-Fi page includes a map and is user-friendly. Business owners and community members can also assist in keeping the list current by submitting information to add or remove locations that offer free Wi-Fi service.

Along with providing more technology tools, Team SISD is working hard to further expand and improve the district’s infrastructure to maintain high-speed internet access and technological support. The district was approved in 2015-2016 for $2.6 million in E-rate funds, a federal program that gives school districts and libraries the opportunity to apply for discount services with Internet access, broadband connectivity and network equipment.