(Photo courtesy Air and Space Magazine)

NM Museum of Space History hosting free Public Star Gazing event Sunday

On Sunday evening, June 2, the public is invited to join amateur astronomers attending the Great Southwest Star Party at the New Mexico Museum of Space History for a free public night of star gazing.

Astronomers will share their telescopes and knowledge of the cosmos with all who attend.

Beginning at 6:00 pm that evening, museum Executive Director Chris Orwoll will give a special presentation in the New Horizons Theater. The public is invited to attend, but seating is limited.

After a question and answer session, guests will join the amateur astronomers in the large parking lot just above the theater for an evening of stargazing, weather permitting.

Viewing is expected to begin at approximately 8:30 pm. The site opens to the public at 5:30 pm and closes at 11:00 pm.

Guests should park their vehicles on the upper parking lot, the large parking lot just below the main museum building. Handicapped parking is available in the small lot adjacent to the theater for those who wish to see the presentation.

Visitors are reminded of star party etiquette rules that include not using white lights  (which includes flashlights, cell phones and car interior and exterior lights), don’t touch anyone’s telescope without permission, watch your step (there could be wires on the ground and tripods do take up a bit of space), pets are restricted to service animals, be courteous to others, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

If your vehicle does not allow you to turn off your headlights while the car is in drive, park away from the main observing area in a manner that will let you leave without disturbing other guests.

Flashlights with red lenses are encouraged.

For more information, visit the museum’s website or facebook page.