Have you ever wondered what would really happen if an astronaut lost his grip while space walking? Would he or she just float helplessly out into space like in the movies? NASA has an emergency piece of equipment that each astronaut takes with them on EVAs called SAFER. Learn what it is and how it works during the free Launch Pad Lecture on Friday, March 2, at 9:00 am. Photo courtesy NASA

NM Museum of Space History Hosts Lecture “We’re Gonna Do What – Bizarre Rescues in Space”

Space exploration is a risky business and over the years NASA has dealt with a variety of scenarios that show just how dangerous it is. Can astronauts be rescued?

What about the combined U.S./Soviet rescue mission concept and how would the Apollo Soyuz Test Project have fit into that? Have you heard of SAFER – the backpack to rescue stranded space walkers?

On Friday, March 2, join Museum Executive Director Christopher Orwoll as he talks about safety strategies in space and how they worked – or didn’t work – during the free Launch Pad Lecture titled We’re Gonna Do What? Bizarre Rescues in Space.

The Launch Pad Lecture is free to the public and is held at 9 a.m. on the Museum’s first floor on the first Friday of each month. Coffee and donuts are compliments of the International Space Hall of Fame Foundation.

The next Launch Pad Lecture will be on April 6, 2018, and the topic will be 2001: The Space Odyssey That Changed the Way We Think with Museum Educator Michael Shinabery.

The Launch Pad Lectures are streamed live on Periscope and are available on the museum’s YouTube channel.

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