NMSU ROTC Faculty, Staff to Receive Tuition Benefit

For the first time, New Mexico State University’s Army and Air Force ROTC faculty and staff will be eligible for the university’s tuition remission program, allowing them to take classes at NMSU as part of their compensation package.

Unlike other NMSU faculty, ROTC faculty and staff were previously ineligible for this NMSU benefit because as affiliate faculty and staff, the salaries of these employees are paid for by the military.

“This is a great program, particularly for our enlisted troops,” Lt. Col. Jeremiah Klomp, NMSU Air Force ROTC commander and professor of aerospace studies. “Those are the faculty who are assigned to ROTC billets outside their normal career fields.”

Active duty military have the opportunity to be placed at universities, similarly to any other military assignment, or they can volunteer to be at a school. All of NMSU’s military faculty and staff volunteered to be placed NMSU.

“ROTC is a ‘career broadening’ assignment where officers get to do something different from their main career field,” said Klomp. “By stepping out of our comfort zone, we not only grow ourselves, but are able to challenge and teach cadets and officer-candidates. With this new benefit, we are able to finish our education on top of that.”

“They generally have to cover quite a lot of additional expenses that they would not normally have to cover if they were living and/or working on a military installation, such as parking fees, gym membership, etc.,” said Klomp. “This way they can continue their education, get certifications, and generally integrate into the university community more completely by getting out of our offices and into the classroom.”

Tuition remission is effective at the beginning of the 2017 summer semester. Eligible ROTC personnel must be in an affiliated appointment status to participate in this program and must apply and be admitted to the university. ROTC can take as many as six credit hours for each fall and spring semester and up to eight credit hours for summer sessions.

For more information about the ROTC tuition remission program, contact Klomp at jklomp@nmsu.edu.

Author: Taylor Vancel – NMSU