165+ Non-profits Set Ambitious Goal for Second Annual El Paso Giving Day

After raising more than $100,000 for local non-profit organizations during last year’s inaugural El Paso Giving Day, local organizations have set a goal of raising $250,000 for more than 165 worthy causes across our community.

“Nonprofits do amazing work in our community. Everything from after-school childcare programs to cancer support groups to meals for the homeless and so much more,” said Kimmy May, organizer of El Paso Giving Day. “We were inspired by the generosity of El Pasoans during our first-ever event, so we’re excited to more than double our goal! It’s ambitious, but we know we can do it if we all work together.”

If you can’t join us, you can still be a part of El Paso Giving Day. Just visit ElPasoGivingDay.org during the day on Wednesday, November 15, choose from dozens of local non-profit organizations and give. It’s just that simple.

If you’ve never given before, El Paso Giving Day is a great time to start,” May said. “Even a small donation can make a big difference; the minimum donation is just $10!”

WHO:               Members of the El Paso Community and More than 165 local non-profit organizations

WHAT:            El Paso Giving Day celebration

WHERE:           The Fountains at Farah | 8889 Gateway Boulevard West

WHEN:             Wednesday, November 15, 2017 4-7p.m.

WHY:               To help raise $250,000 in just 24 hours

For more information, please visit ElPasoGivingDay.org. Follow El Paso Giving Day on Facebook or on Instagram.

***Below are some user-submitted groups that would appreciate your consideration for donations.


Make a donation in support of the children of El Paso, who rely on KCOS, the El Paso PBS station, to help them learn their ABC’s, teach them about the world and show them that learning can be fun.

But most importantly, our programs connect with children and share an overarching message about caring, friendship and individuality. It’s where so many El Paso children learn to speak English.

Each donation will help bring broaden the horizons of children and their families in our community. Whether you can donate $10 or $500, your support will help provide kids with the skills they need to be successful in school and life!

Here’s the really exciting part: Every gift made the site helps our chances of winning prizes given throughout the day! We are asking our friends and supporters to donate — at whatever level you can — tomorrow. Ideally, you would donate between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. or 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. to help us earn an extra Power Hour prize of $1,000! Or, if you prefer, you can make an early gift by donating today.

So please make a donation and encourage your friends and family to show how you love PBS on El Paso Giving Day.

Together we will and can make a difference!


Do you want to help preserve the scenic beauty and wilderness character of the Franklin Mountains? Then support El Paso Giving Day!

El Paso Giving Day is a 24-hour online giving drive that benefits non-profit organizations that help thousands of El Pasoans every day. El Paso Giving Day is Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

Go directly to https://elpasogivingday.org/npo/franklin-mountains-wilderness-coalition to make your tax-deductible contribution.  Minimum donation amount is $10. All donors receive emailed tax receipt.

El Paso Giving Day is on Tuesday, November 15, 2017 from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm (midnight to midnight).

Your contribution to the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition will make a difference, AND count for your 2018 annual dues.  All donations go towards encouraging recreational, scientific and educational uses of the Mountains consistent with preserving their scenic beauty and wilderness character.

The Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition is dedicated to:
•Preserving the scenic beauty and wilderness character of the Franklin Mountains.
•Protecting the plant and animal resources of the Mountains and preserving the whole range as an intact ecosystem.
•Stimulating appreciation of the natural values of the Mountains and promoting understanding of their biological, geological and cultural features.
•Encouraging recreational, scientific and educational uses of the Mountains consistent with preserving their scenic beauty and wilderness character.

Spread the word.  Like us on Facebook @FranklinMountains, and Follow us on Twitter @CastnerRange.


The El Paso Wind Symphony is starting its 22nd season as a professional concert band. 

As one of the few major city wind bands in the country, the El Paso Wind Symphony continues to provide quality entertainment to the El Paso community by servicing the performing arts and music education.  The group, comprised of professional musicians and educators, has encouraged a culture of giving back to our community through their outreach with our local schools, including camps which provide aspiring young musicians the opportunity to work one on one with members of the organization.  The group also opens their program by allowing All-State musicians the opportunity to perform with the group at one of their scheduled concerts, in addition to inviting one school per year to perform as the opening band at their season finale concert.

Please help support us on El Paso Giving Day.  Thanks so much!


Guardians of the Children

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit biker organization that advocates against child abuse. We have been involved with the El Paso community for two years now. We empower abused children/teens through the court systems, and we adopt them in to our organization. They get their own vest and roadname and because a Lil Guardian of Children. We also are involved with the EP Foster Parents Association by helping with their annual Quinceañera and Christmas parties. Other organizations we have ties with are CPS, CASA, CASFV, Child Crisis Center, DFPS, Project Chance, etc. We also take a stand against bullying and go to schools and do an anti bullying presentation.

Included in this email are links to our Newsletter. We also have a Facebook page that the public can follow to see what we are up to, and, this Friday, we are having our monthly public kid friendly meeting at 4610 Transmountain (Golden Corral) at 7pm.


SPJ, Siguiendo los Pasos de Jesus (Following in the Footsteps of Jesus), has asked all

to join their mission on El Paso Giving Day.

SPJ works in the colonias of Mexico taking care of total family needs. They have helped

build almost 500 homes, which they also furnish with donations and new kitchen cabinets and new beds; a public Library with computer and video room as well as hundreds of Spanish books;

a free medical clinic, staffed by volunteers from El Paso; a community enter; and a 12,400 sq ft Mercado.

All of the construction work is done by people who reside in the colonias who have been trained by SPJ.

In addition, SPJ gives out weekly supplemental food bags to hundreds of families and supports the educational needs in the area.

More info about SPJ can be found on their website at www.SPJinc.org or on facebook.com/SPJcares


Isaiah House of El Paso (IHEP)  is a faith-based, non-profit organization who runs a half-way house in the Five Points area for men transitioning from incarceration with the specific purpose of providing an array of services for their successful reintegration into the El Paso community.   It is a 501(c) (3) organization and has been granted the designation of an Alternative Housing Resource (AHR) from the City of El Paso.

IHEP seeks to provide a welcoming and safe environment for our men, plus an array of services to address mind, body and spirit for those returning from prison.  This includes housing, transportation, food and clothing needs, help with employment, identification, medical treatment and mentoring from a group of folks who are dedicated to seeing that these men succeed in becoming valued members of society.

Isaiah House is located in a residential area holding four men and a house manager.  The men attend the church of their choice each week and participate in counseling sessions once a month.  The program stresses a no-tolerance attitude concerning drug and alcohol use, attendance in AA & NA programs and the Golden Rule toward their fellow residents.

We welcome those in the El Paso community who feel the calling to help those who are regarded as the new poor in society and want to make sure that they are given a chance to make something of themselves while leaving their past behind.


The Bi-national League was founded in 2017 to give official and legal identity to the group that was first organized in 2013, to advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable people and to protect the family as core of the society and the civilization. All these through public policy, education, outreach and the organization of events to promote the values that give identity to this organization.

I. We recognize and will based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as
presented on its Bible, Catechism and Magisterium represented by the authority of
the Successor of Saint Peter, in the Pope at Rome and the local Bishop.
II. We believe that the Holy Spirit is Lord and Giver of Life, and we need to
protect His gifts.
III. We believe that through the grace of Almighty God and through our good
stewardship our culture will be transformed and so we serve in a spirit of Hope and
IV. We believe in the sanctity of all human life, from the moment of conception
until the moment of natural death.
V. We believe that there is a need for prophetic voices within the institutions of
our area and in the community at large, voices that speak the truth with love on
behalf of marriage and family.
VI. We believe that it is essential for those who take up the work of the pro-life
and pro-family movement to remain united in our vision and strategy so that our
mission is realized in every generation and that we treat all people with honor and
VII. We believe in the Religious Freedom as an essential element of any
civilization. And will work on the correct application of this principle.
VIII. We believe that building strategic relationship with leaders in government,
religious institutions, community organization and the business community is
essential to our mission.

To achieve our goals we have organized several events such as the “Christian Mercy in Times of Persecution” which was a conference about Persecution of Religious Minorities in the Middle East, and, also organized the Binational ProFamily ProLife Congresses in the Area.

The goals of the initiative Binational Pro-Family, Pro-Life Congress are to bring together the community of El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez to defend life, family, marriage and religious freedom; to become witnesses of the Gospel of Life to the Church and to all the people; and to celebrate the gift of life, building a civilization of love.

The continuous efforts to unite the Catholic Church in the Borderland Region are guided by the post- synodal document, Ecclesia in America.

We have had two Binational Congresses and we are planning the Third one for 2019.

This is why we need the help of the people because these big events require big resources.

I also would like to mention that all the events we organize and the lead of the Binational League is run by volunteers pro-bono. This means, all the fundraising we do is to fund the event only.


My name is Patrick Kamara, and here is my story.

I was born in Freetown, which is the capital city of Sierra Leone, and grew up in a remote village in the northern part of the country. There was a great disparity between rich and poor in Sierra Leone. The rich people are more likely to live in the big cities; whilst the poor reside in remote villages. My parent could not afford the high cost of living in Freetown, so they decided to relocate with the entire family to my grandparent’s home in the northern province of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone is located on the West Coast of Africa share boarders with Guinea and Liberia. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest country in the world. Nearly 70% of Sierra Leoneans live below the poverty line. About 60% of school-going children have to drop out of school before reaching middle school due to extreme poverty. Nearly 69% of the population do not have access to adequate sanitation and safe drinking water.

A civil war broke out in early 1991 and lasted for 11 years. The civil war killed over 50,000 people and more than 2 million displaced (UN). The war ended in 2002 by the help of the United Nations. The 11-year civil war destroyed not only lives and properties, but left the country’s water and healthcare infrastructures in shambles.

I lost some of my relatives during the war. The war started from the south and rapidly spread in all corners of Sierra Leone within 5 years. In May 1997, the Military Junta overthrew the democratically elected government. In 1998, the West Africa peace keeping force known as ECOMOG forced the Junta rebels out of power and restored the democratically elected government. In January 1999, the ousted Military Junta joined with the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) attempted to oust the government again, but unsuccessful.

In 2001, I escaped the civil war with my family for a better life in the United States of America. I started a new life in the United States of America. I got my GED, and continued to a nursing school. I became a licensed nurse in 2007. I had my associate degree in 2013 from community college of Philadelphia, and transferred to UTEP in fall 2016 for a degree in Health Education and Promotion. I dropped out of UTEP this summer due to financial difficulties. My Financial aid is exhausted, and I cannot afford to pay out of pocket for the remaining two semester to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education and Promotion.

Back to my country. In 2012, a horrific cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone left over 270 deaths and more than 19,000 affected as a result of water-related diseases (WHO report). On the other hand, the recent outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and the poverty-stricken state of these areas has made most of the rural communities vulnerable to infectious diseases, occasioned by the unsafe drinking of water and poor sanitation. The Ebola epidemic killed more than 3,500 people and made more than 11,000 sickened in Sierra Leone between 2014 and 2016. In August 2017, a mudslides caused by torrential rain in Sierra Leone killed over 400 people, and more than 500 missing (Red Cross).

Since 1991, Sierra Leone has been affected by civil unrest and natural disasters. From civil war to cholera outbreaks, to Ebola Virus Disease crisis, and recent mudslides.

In July 2014, I left the United States for a volunteer mission during the wake of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone. I spent nearly 6 months in Sierra Leone helped the communities affected by the Ebola Virus Disease to have access to food and safe drinking water.

This spring, I will be travelling with a group of volunteers to Sierra Leone in support for ‘SAFE WATER FOR SIERRA LEONE’ to restore clean and safe drinking water in 5 communities affected by cholera and Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Port Loko district.

Visit www.safewatersl.org

You know, it’s not about me, it’s not about money, it’s about helping people in need, and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”