• September 16, 2021
 Annie’s Adventures: Nothing Like A Good Hike

Annie’s Adventures: Nothing Like A Good Hike

Happy Sunday Funday! Let’s talk hiking.  I love that we have a free playground right in our backyard. I’ve been all over this great area hiking and there are so many different places to go.

One of my favorite hikes I’ve done is with local documentarian, Jackson Polk. We dropped one car off at Scenic Drive and the other at the tram way. We took the tram up and hiked down the ridge. It was absolutely beautiful. The view of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico is a treat only we get to enjoy.

20160320_112033_resized_220160320_112027_resized_1Two Sunday’s ago I went to look at the dinosaur tracks at Mt. Cristo Rey. How freakin cool is that?! If you go to Ardivinos they have a Dino trail you can take. I had never seen real dino tracks so it was a pretty exciting experience for me.

Last Sunday I took a road trip to the Gila National Forest. So beautiful! It was for a real quick camping trip but the spot I picked out was killer.

It was at the Grapevine Campground, which is possibly the oldest grape vine of its kind in the world. Luckily it is planted right next to the stream and combined with the fact that at night all the stars lit up the area for me, I would have to say this was the best spot I could have hoped for.

If you’re looking for a day hike or overnight camp and hike then you are lucky to find yourself living in El Paso.  No matter which direction you drive you can be someplace completely amazing.

Hueco Tanks, Gila National Forest,  Guadalupe Canyon,  Mckintric Canyon,  Mckelligon Canyon, Franklin Mountain State Park, Ruidoso, Cloudcroft, Dripping Springs, White Sands, Sierra Blanca, and so so many other awesome spots.

Always remember, pack way more water than you think you need, especially when you have your kids with you. Always let someone know where you’re hiking for safety and carry out what you carry in.

If you’re ever looking for a certain spot, message me and I’ll help you out.

What’s funny about safety? NOTHING!

-Annie’s Adventures


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