Graphic courtesy Pandanomics

NY Weekly: El Paso entrepreneur’s podcast named #1 of 2020

According to New York Weekly, El Paso entrepreneur David Chen has the #1 must-listen to podcast in the nation for 2020.

Chen’s podcast – Pandanomics – features interviews, insights and personal stories to help the listener navigate their lives ‘like a panda’ and achieve success.

Columnist Sarah Marie selects Chen’s podcast at top the list, with her criteria being “comfortable and straightforward approach to facts, podcasts offer volumes of information and let you think deeper about the discussion even after listening to it.”

Chen tops such podcast staple hosts as Joe Rogan, Gary Veynerchuck, Tony Robbins, Dr. Brene Brown and Dax Shepard to name a few.

“The podcast delves into the nuanced intricacies of the business world and how to achieve success and happiness through your life and work. David shares his vast experience to advise listeners on how to further their business opportunities,” Marie adds.

Via his website, Chen further shares his views and his current projects.

Locally, Chen is the man behind the new ‘Downtown Spaces‘ co-work facility in the shadow of historic Union Depot, as well as the head of North American Collegiate League (NACL), the fastest-growing e-Sports organization that hosts and broadcasts tournaments world wide.

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