Odor Control Remains an Essential Focus for El Paso Water Crews

Odor control can be challenging for wastewater facilities, especially for those in the heart of metropolitan areas, and some Central El Paso neighbors have complained about the smell.

To that end, El Paso Water (EPW) has prioritized infrastructure rehabilitation, allocating nearly half of the construction funds in this year’s budget to modernization and upgrades, including ongoing projects at the Haskell Street plant.

The Haskell R. Street Plant, located on Delta Drive south of the County Coliseum, began treating wastewater in 1923. Since it opened, EPW has expanded the plant to serve the area’s growing population and upgraded the equipment to keep pace with regulations.

And while passers-by won’t notice much activity from the outside, inside crews are replacing older equipment, upgrading facilities and accelerating maintenance to increase odor control.

EPW crews noticed significant improvements in air quality after replacing one of the clarifiers – the equipment that removes solids during the wastewater treatment process. The new clarifier removes odors with bacteria rather than chemicals, so the switch also increases worker safety and reduces chemical and operating costs.

Construction will continue for several years as we continue with upgrades that modernize the Haskell Street plant.

John Balliew, P.E., President/CEO of El Paso Water says, “We thank the public for their patience during these upgrades; customer service remains at the forefront of our mission to provide vital water, wastewater and stormwater services. In this spirit, we work hard to build relationships in our community and to be a good neighbor.”

“If you detect an odor, please be assured we are working as efficiently as possible on system repairs and upgrades to minimize impacts to nearby neighborhoods,” Balliew added.