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Monday , June 25 2018
Home | Opinion | On 9/11: Reflection and reason defeat evil, and honor all we lost

On 9/11: Reflection and reason defeat evil, and honor all we lost

Sometimes, in the face of unspeakable and unimaginable horror made real, the human brain races to protect us. It’s part of our DNA: We seek patterns. That animal ate from that tree, ergo it is safe for me. That animal drank that and died, so don’t drink that. Our brains are wired for visual logic.

But when you have a stunning event, one that makes no logical sense – the Nazi Death Camps, the assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK, 9/11 and the numerous mass shootings – our brains struggle to understand, and automatically seek a pattern for understanding – Hence the conspiracy theories, and even the historical deniers.

It cannot be that people simply hated (us, Jews, candidates, school children, etc.) so much that they were spurred to mass murder; it has to be a larger plot that I and others have uncovered and now make sense of that makes us feel better.

On this day, still so fresh in our minds, it falls to us to not only remember those we all lost, but to understand those who are so damaged by the event(s) that they shield themselves from the intense evil by placating themselves in protective thought.

If you are one of these people, please do not respond to this post, but simply reflect on this: Evil grows and replicates when good people do nothing. Evil thrives when excuses are made for the inexcusable. And Evil wins when the original intent and result is forgotten.

About Chris Babcock

Editor in Chief: El Paso Herald-Post, Chris began his long journey in Journalism back in the early 70’s. Armed with a Bell and Howell 8mm camera and tape recorder. Chris would go on to document such events as the great plastic dinosaur attack on Tornillo, GI Joe’s dramatic rescue of Barbie from a backyard mud pit and a massive toy train derailment caused by Godzilla. FULL BIO

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