One Fund El Paso approves funding for victims of August 3 mass shooting

On Monday, the One Fund El Paso Task Force announced the final distribution of $11,518,558.30 in donated funds to victims of the August 3, 2019 mass shooting in El Paso.

The National Compassion Fund is handling the distribution of the funds donated after the shooting, which left 22 people dead.

Total donations to One Fund El Paso were $11,833,588.30, with $315,000 being utilized to provide immediate assistance to victims confirmed by law enforcement between August and November.

The remaining $11,518,588.30 is being distributed among approved applicants for funding.

A total of 363 applications, out of 441 received, were approved by the National Compassion Fund for the non-taxable gifts, which were donated by thousands of caring individuals, businesses and organizations from the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez-Las Cruces borderplex, the United States and around the world.

Applications had to meet the requirements outlined in the Final Protocol to receive approval. Denials occurred for several reasons, including, but not limited to, incomplete applications after several contact attempts, not being present, or not having received specified medical services.

Approved applications were received from American and Mexican citizens.

According to the Final Protocol, victims could apply for benefits in one of four categories — death; long-term injury; short-term injury; and psychological trauma.

The identities of the recipients and the amounts that will be allocated in each category will not be revealed in order to protect the privacy and security of victims and their families.

“The significant funds raised is a testament to the strength and generosity of this community,” said Jeffrey R. Dion, Executive Director of the National Compassion Fund, which administered One Fund El Paso. “We are extremely grateful to the community partners who helped survivors submit their applications, and those who validated victims’ presence and treatment to instill confidence in our process.”

“One Fund El Paso, the collaboration between the El Paso Community Foundation and the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, has demonstrated the unity that is so characteristic of El Paso,” added One Fund El Paso Coordinator Stephanie Karr, former director of the Center Against Family and Sexual Violence.

“The generosity of donors, compassion of individuals and many acts of kindness have helped alleviate the pain and anguish of our families. I am most proud of the work of the One Fund El Paso Task Force, which did the hard work of navigating how best to distribute the collected funds in a fair and transparent manner.”

Officials also remind the public that on December 19, the United Way of El Paso County and the County of El Paso will open the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center, 6314 Delta Drive. It will offer ongoing programs, services and support to those impacted by the shooting.

Go to, or call 915-533-2434, ext. 220 for more information.

One Fund El Paso is a single entity by the City of El Paso, the El Paso Community Foundation and Paso del Norte Community Foundation to streamline the process of distributing donated funds to victims of the mass shooting.

One Fund El Paso contracted with the National Compassion Fund and established a task force of representatives of charitable, governmental and nonprofit entities to set policies and provide a recommendation to the One Fund El Paso Board of Directors for the fair distribution of funds in the most transparent manner.

The administrative costs of One Fund El Paso are being paid for by the El Paso Community Foundation and Paso del Norte Community Foundation to ensure that 100% of donated funds went to victims and their families.