Online resources make at-home sex education lessons a little bit easier for parents, guardians

Parents, grandparents and guardians everywhere are taking on the roles of teachers as schools across the country remain closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Planned Parenthood has a host of online resources to help teach some of the most important lessons of all: sex education.

Free helpful, factual, and age-appropriate information for your kids can be found via this link. The suite of digital resources is broken down by age group and by topic. It includes information on how to talk to your children about their bodies, identity, pregnancy, sex and personal safety.

Free tools to help educators — or in this case, parents and guardians — set the stage for high-quality, medically-accurate lessons about sexual topics can be found here.

Resources include information on human development, relationship, and the roles of sexuality and gender in society.

“Many parents, grandparents and other family members recognize the importance of equipping kids with appropriate and accurate information about sex, sexuality and their bodies, but they need tools to help start those conversations,” said Raul Rojas, Director of Community Health Education at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

“Since family members are taking on the role of teacher during stay-at-home orders, now is the time to teach those lessons along with other academic lessons such as math, science and social studies.”

In addition to online educational resources, Planned Parenthood offers other digital services that are especially important during COVID-19.

Planned Parenthood’s telemedicine app, Planned Parenthood Direct, continues to serve as an important healthcare resource for patients who are 18-years-old and older. The app is focused on birth control and urinary tract infection treatments. Additional healthcare appointments will be available through Planned Parenthood Direct soon to assist patients sheltering in place.

During COVID-19, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas’ El Paso Health Center is open for patients with time-sensitive healthcare appointments.

Like all healthcare providers during the pandemic, Planned Parenthood is not scheduling appointments that can be safely delayed.