Op-Ed: A response to a critique of ‘Decisions and dangers lurk for COVID generation of children’

MY response to Tim Holt’s “critique” of an Op-Ed I submitted last week regarding the covid lockdowns, defund-the-police movement, FB and Biden open-border policies and the consequences to children and illegal unaccompanied minors:

First, his caption: MY Op-Ed was based on facts not a “fever dream.” Let ME be clear, Idid not make any random accusations (accusation: a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong–Oxford Dictionaries) as he alleges; I am not a conspiracy theorist, and the remaining sarcastic remarks do not warrant a response.

It is disingenuous for Holt to merge the three topics and attempt to discredit my Op-Ed because he disagrees with my views, especially since he agreed with my points throughout his piece.

The lockdowns, defund-the-police movement and the internet, independent of each other, harmed our children as outlined in MY Op-Ed. Each of these topics was discussed separately.

Holt stated “Ms. Carrasco claims that because of COVID (and Covid lockdowns), sexual trafficking and exploitation of children has increased. Let ME be clear, in the same paragraph Holt AGREES with my facts. It is also a fact, not a claim, that open borders have harmed unaccompanied minors as reported by CBP on various news outlets and interviews of unaccompanied minors describing the horrors they experienced getting to our borders.

I described in detail, facts, not claims, how MS13 recruits and grooms their members, which Holt did not dispute. Then I followed up with a question: do Americans want these type individuals in our schools?

I did state a fact that FB was enabling child exploitation during COVID and explained how they were enablers (Booyens). I stated another fact that FB and this administration work together (WH admission) and asked where the administration stood on this issue.

Yes, Rep. Veronica Escobar should be outraged at what is happening in the tents at Ft. Bliss (my opinion). She represents our district. I would recommend Holt read the whistleblowers’ complaints filed by the Government Accountability Project and now the 246-page complaint filed against the Biden administration which alleges that an audio exists which purports to confirm the “adult staff at Ft. Bliss had been caught in sexually inappropriate situations with minors in their care at least as recent as May 2021.”

I ask where is Escobar on this issue as it progressively worsens? She has stated on several occasions that she works closely with this administration; is an advocate of open borders and humane treatment of unaccompanied minors. Reality is unaccompanied minor children are not being treated humanely. Again, based on facts—reports referenced in the previous paragraph.

Holt agrees because of the lockdowns “sexual trafficking and exploitation of children has increased” is a true statement. Then, in the same paragraph Holt states “…let’s dissect all of this mess of an OP ED.” Of course, I disagree with his assessment, but if it was true, a
mess of undisputable facts beats obfuscation of the acts.

No, I did not get stats from TIP Report nor is it funny how “GOP PCT Chair #16 Republican Party failed to bring up global warming…none of which are talked…by the political right.” I did not focus on a multitude of global tragedies as I was focused on our community and the heartbreak at Ft. Bliss which is a consequence of this administration’s bad policies and his promise “… that we will be able to provide for every kid that comes across the border to safely be housed in a facility that is licensed.”

We all know this is not happening. Again, a fact, not a claim!

Yes, sex trafficking was here long before Biden became President. The tragic rape of unaccompanied children arriving at our border is not a recent phenomenon and with Biden’s 45+ years in government it is brazen to blame the crisis on anyone else or anything other than his administration’s failed policies.

I mentioned the vice squad in Dallas which Jaco Booyens Ministries worked with. This vice squad consisted of five highly trained officers that focused on rescuing exploited children and prosecuting traffickers. In September 2020 Dallas slashed their law enforcement budget by $157,000,000. The $500M budget Holt mentions is after defunding. Holt states he doubts “if the citizens of Dallas would say that their police are not sufficiently funded.”

To alleviate Holt’s doubt, perhaps he should ask the citizens of Dallas rather than speak for them.

I also mentioned “Operation not Forgotten” as an example of a successful operation when NGO’s and law enforcement work together. Let ME be clear, I specifically stated that defund the police impacted rescue efforts not “defunded to the point of impotency.” I also stated with limited funding…the scope of future successful rescue operation is tragically impacted” not “defunded to the point of impotency.”

Finally, I stated “many anti-trafficking task forces…were dismantled, not all “defunded to the point of impotency.”

Holt looks to his rearview mirror to insert President Trump in a crisis created by Biden’s administration. Holt had doubts if I “had any qualms with kids in cages and treating them as criminals under the previous administration.” YES, I had qualms! I disagreed with the
cages Obama built and housed unaccompanied minor children.

The Trump administration was forced to use Obama’s cages temporarily while his administration worked on solutions to resolve illegal immigration by unaccompanied minors, a problem which existed for years prior to the Trump administration. Now these same cages are used on a regular basis by the Biden administration because of Biden’s eagerness to reverse the Trump sound immigration policies which discouraged illegal immigration and focused on legal immigration, our sovereignty and saving lives on both sides of the border.

Holt is correct President Trump was laser focused on a notorious gang operating in the U.S. that terrorized and killed our children with impunity. He was successful in deporting many gang members—which is not happening under this administration. All President
iden had to do was leave well enough alone—if it’s not broken don’t fix it (My solution). He should have used his resources and time to focus on legal immigration (My solution).

Instead, our country and other countries throughout the globe are suffering because of this administration’s open-border policies.

MY Op-Ed was very clear that inhumane treatment of unaccompanied minor children and the tragedies facing them daily because of the failed policies of this administration is unacceptable. Holt’s question whether these children should be treated humanely, is moot.

Yes, I stated this administration has done nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

It is a fact illegal immigration has increased each month at alarming rates since Biden took office; that people from 160 countries are flooding our borders; majority are not being processed; they’re being sent throughout the U.S. in the dark of night, some without a covid test; those tested have a 40% covid positive, they too are sent into our communities; unaccompanied minors are held in tents beyond the legal limits; tents are overcrowded; many unaccompanied minors arriving at our borders have been sexually abused; the Biden administration lacks sufficient licensed facilities to house these children. The list of atrocities they endure grows daily without an end in sight.

Holt is unsure how “Facebook and Joe Biden somehow join forces to be the de facto pimp of child trafficking.” Once again Holt’s sarcasm is not worthy of a response. Holt I don’t require schooling on internet literacy.

Finally, Holt describes my op-ed as a “long list of complaints…very short on solutions.”

My op-ed was long on facts. Our congresswoman and every politician in D.C. took an oath to uphold the Constitution. She is paid to understand the affect their policies have on our country and when required, find solutions.

Opening our borders to the world, unchecked, is not a solution to illegal immigration.

Author: Barbara Carrasco

Carrasco is a local small business owner, PCT Chair #16 Republican Party, Former SREC Dist 29, and Republican Candidate for Congressional District 16, (2012)


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