• October 21, 2021
 Op-Ed: Cornyn – Humanitarian Crisis at the Border Needs Compromise, Not Politics

Courtesy CSpan/Cornyn

Op-Ed: Cornyn – Humanitarian Crisis at the Border Needs Compromise, Not Politics

WASHINGTON – Tuesday on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) urged his colleagues to work together to address the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border.

Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found above.

“My state has 1,200 miles of common border with Mexico, so obviously this is very personal to me and my constituents who live and work along the border.”

“Ours is a compassionate country. We are a nation of immigrants. Everybody – almost everybody – came from somewhere else at some point in their family history. But the only way we are going to be able to maintain that compassion and that generosity when it comes to immigration is by bringing some order out of chaos.”

“If we want to have any sort of impact on the massive numbers of people crossing our border, which will only grow, we have to look not just at the problem but at the root cause.”

“I would urge all of our colleagues on the other side to stop viewing this through a purely political lens. This is not a question of Trump wins, you lose.”

“I’m afraid that defines a lot of our politics here in Washington today. But that’s a terrible mistake.”

“We need to view this together as the humanitarian crisis it is – President Obama called it that – and view it as a problem that will only continue to grow without our intervention, which it is. We need to view it as an urgent issue that requires our cooperation and, yes, our compromise.”

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  • Oh! all in a sudden John Cornyn realizes that there is a humanitarian crises going on at the US/Mexican border!
    He must have remember that he’s running for reelection next year, so he’s willing to leave out politics for now.
    TRUMP’S POLITICS! that is.Meanwhile Donald Trump will continue to exonerate himself,by saying that the oranges of the Mueller investigation started from the anonymoussssssss James Comey firing.
    Now Donald Trump has changed his mind and there will be NO BORDER CLOSURE! by saying that Mexico is cooperating so their will be no shortages of avocados and guacamole dip.

  • I saw on another news outlet that the EPISD is taking measures for Mexican students if the President closes the border. My question is, why in the hell are my property tax dollars going to educate Mexican national, who don’t pay any taxes here?

    • You are complaining about your property tax dollars going to educate Mexican nationals! yet when Donald Trump shutdown the federal government for 35 days you were just fine.
      I doubt that you own property, but anything that has to do with a Mexican! you get all pissy pissed off Mad! is that why you called yourself Mad Mike?
      That is the way it is here on the US/Mexico border,you can away return back home wherever that is Mad Mike. Your bigotry is not an El Paso thing! you need to move away to place where there are only white people! Those places do exist Mad Mike! Montana,Idaho,North and South Dakota,IOWA! Mexicans do pay taxes in the form of sales taxes, in fact they were responsible for keeping El Paso’s economy about water during the George W Bush Great Recession of 2008! And they still are today with border trade and commerce. El Paso’s taxes are high anyway, even renters pay property taxes in the form of rent!
      BTW! Mad Mike, the Border came to El Paso, El Paso didn’t cross the border!

    • Our President declared an emergency you a-hole.. Cornyn has supported the Presidents emergency declaration from the beginning How is that a denial of a Humanitarian crisis? We don’t have the means to take care of all these freeloaders. That’s a crisis. They need to all be sent back before out country becomes exactly what they are supposedly fleeing. .

      • The original CUCARACHA MAGGOT! you are a complete ass hole! even worst that you are a SORRY ASS REPUBLICAN! a BRAINWASHED DOTARD MORON! and a NUT JOB! I will educate you some more! There is NO NATIONAL EMERGENCY!
        However we do need a national emergency declared on idiots like you and the White Nationalist Supremacist.
        Donald Trump created this Humanitarian mess on our Southern Border! first by separating immigrant families from their children and putting the children inside cages. And there is way plenty of room for our asylum seekers from Central America. We have laws in this country, and Donald Trump is not above the law, and neither is William Barr.
        Look at your own ancestors Original MAGGOT Caca! they fled from Europe back in the 14th century! Some good people and many others not so good, like your relatives and you. The very worst in America! are the republican base.

        • No children have been put in cages since the Obama administration. That was his policy not Trumps. You’re right we do have laws in this country, including how to legally enter. However, we might have the room but we don’t have the resources. These “migrants” are costing us millions. Maybe we should take a 100 of them to your house and expect you to pay for all of their needs to so you can see what a burden it is.

          • It’s easy for you and Donald Trump to use reverse psychology on president Obama, which makes no sense.Donald Trump along with Stephen Miller,John Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen enjoyed putting immigrant children inside cages then separating them from their parents. Over 2000 immigrant children are still missing. And NO! about legally entering the country is out of the question! Not when they are seeking asylum as they flee their dangerous countries in central America.It’s not the same standing in line to legally enter the country as seeking asylum.Then getting turned back and making the immigrants wait in Mexico.As far immigrants costing us millions! you act like you are footing the entire bill all by yourself.
            It’s better to derail Trump’s militarizing outer space and fix the long over due immigration issues.
            You and you’re hypocrisy is so bigotry pathetic trumpTURD!

        • What’s a cucharacha?

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