• January 27, 2022
 Op-Ed: Decisions and dangers lurk for COVID generation of children

Op-Ed: Decisions and dangers lurk for COVID generation of children

It is apparent the decision to lockdown our country, “defund-the-police movement,” and then open our borders have all impacted a generation of children’s lives in ways no one could have predicted.

We’ve heard about the suicides, mental and emotional setbacks and academic setbacks. But we have not heard about the sexual exploitation and internet sex trafficking of children during the lockdown, the dangers of defunding the police, or the dangers of allowing MS13 gang members into our country.

Jaco Booynes, an NGO, filmmaker and anti-trafficking activist whose sister is a sex trafficked survivor, said he believes “the largest group of collateral damage in covid has been the youngster being trafficked during the lockdown children spent hours online.”

In the United States the internet enabled sex trafficking by eliminating the “Pimp.” The buyer of sex communicated directly with the child,
engaged directly in pornographic images, arranged meetings, preconditioned and desensitized the child.

Has FB become the “Pimp?” Why is pornography allowed on FB? Is this a privilege given to FB under Section 230? We need to become
activists in protecting our children.

We know the Biden administration works hand-in-glove with FB. What is their position on this venomous industry that is literally destroying our children’s lives?

Defund-the-police movement has impacted rescue efforts for sex trafficking of our children. Because many cities defunded their police departments, many anti-trafficking task forces working in partnership with NGO’s and vital in fighting and rescuing exploited children, were dismantled.

A vice unit in Dallas was one of the many casualties of the defund-the-police movement. Highly trained officers who focused specifically on trafficked children were transferred to other departments and NGO’s no longer partner with law enforcement which led to the rescue of exploited children and prosecution of traffickers.

One such rescue mission called “Operation not Forgotten,” rescued twenty-one children. Sixteen of these children were suspected victims
of sex trafficking. With limited funds because of defund-the-police movement, the scope of future successful rescue operations is
tragically impacted.

Those who foolishly advocate defunding law enforcement embolden sex traffickers and aid and abet the growth of a $32B industry.

What dangers do open borders and MS13 gang members pose to our children?

Sixty-six per cent of illegal immigrants crossing our borders are unaccompanied minor children (anyone 18 years or less). We know
from previous CBP reports that MS13 gang members are crossing our borders and walking freely in our communities.

MS13 recruits members at 12 years of age; at 13 years they are trained and at 15 years they are trafficking girls in Mexico City, the kidnapping capital of the world (Booynes).

We must ask ourselves: will they be sitting next to our children in the classrooms, or attending extra-curricular activities? What is their
mentality, and do we want those types of individuals in our schools or participating in activities with our children?

Can we be certain these males aren’t the 13-year-old boys that were recruited, trained then sex trafficking in Mexico City? Knowing the
dangers they pose, why is the Biden administration allowing males into our country without proper vetting?

We see and hear in real time the devastating life-changing consequences on children because the Biden administration refuses to
take measures to protect them.

It is obvious those reckless in-the- moment decisions by the Biden administration will scar and destroy future generations.

Where is our congresswoman? Where is her outrage?

Author: Barbara Carrasco

Carrasco is a local small business owner, PCT Chair #16 Republican Party, Former SREC Dist 29, and Republican Candidate for Congressional District 16, (2012)


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