• May 18, 2022
 Op-Ed: El Paso’s Registered Voters Must Show Up on Election Day.  NO EXCUSES

Op-Ed: El Paso’s Registered Voters Must Show Up on Election Day. NO EXCUSES

Don’t be one of the 92% of registered El Paso voters who sit out the election to Netflix the night away.

It is said that a city which brings out only 8% of its voting public on Election Day deserves the leadership it gets.  And this truism has proved itself in painful clarity with our current crop of representatives inhabiting City Hall.

While campaigning, our mayor looked El Paso squarely in the eye and promised that he would “hold the line on taxes” because we could ill-afford to raise them given the financial predicament our city is in.  He didn’t waste a minute backpedaling and breaking his word after winning his election.

Most of our current city council reps have been complicit in systematically raising our taxes without so much as a No Vote on behalf of their constituents.

What does El Paso’s pathetic level of voter participation tell us?

It states loud and clear that there is an eroding state of apathy, ignorance and inertia plaguing our city.   It reveals our City leaders’ penchant to exploit our lack of interest and understanding by systematically sliding taxes under our noses to accomplish questionable agendas.

It says we don’t care.


Did you know…

…that the mayor and city council have issued over $125 million in non-voter approved Certificate of Obligation debt to make up for underfunded projects and to pay for budget increases we never agreed to, i.e. tripling the cost of the children’s museum to $60 million?

…that twelve current 2012 Quality of Life projects are on average almost 50% overbudget?

…that money set aside to pave El Paso’s crumbling streets is underfunded by $32 million every year according to El Paso CFO Robert Cortinas?

…that the mayor and city manager advised the Central Appraisal District to increase our property values several percentage points this year knowing that El Pasoans already pay the 2nd highest property tax rates in America in respect to our average yearly incomes?  (El Pasoans earn an average of $20,150 per year while the rest of Texas averages over $30,000 per year)

…that the mayor has stated the arena will more than likely cost at minimum of $250,000,000 to complete?  This figure doesn’t include peripheral costs like yearly maintenance and employee salaries, parking garage construction, traffic modifications, etc.

…that City leaders continue to hand out multi-million dollar tax breaks to real estate investors and their projects, robbing El Pasoans of taxes otherwise due and keeping citizens shouldering 70% of the tax burden while the private sector only pays around 30% of the taxes required to run our city?

…that this is systematic fiscal abuse committed upon El Pasoans by our public servants.


It’s time we cared.

We are charged with the sacred American responsibility to cast our votes and affect change in our government. Sitting out elections while we wring our hands and complain about poor and abusive leadership is inexcusable and a neglect of our city, families, friends and ourselves.

City Council has four seats open on November 6, three of them are incumbents who have proven to have appetites to continually tax us with impunity.

If we honestly care about El Paso and it’s future, it’s time we voted for candidates who are fiscally responsible and will stand up to our mayor and city manager and say NO to raising our taxes at their every opportunity.

It’s time we elected candidates who demand government transparency, citizen participation in improving our city, ethical behavior from themselves and an end to abusive taxation and overbudget QOL projects.

Do it for El Paso.



Jud Burgess is a local graphic designer, business owner, and blogger who is involved in local activism efforts.  WEBSITE  /  James No Bond on FB


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    So on Tuesday November 6, GO OUT AND VOTE or vote early as early voting begins on Monday, October the 22nd.
    A whole lot is at stake if you don’t vote! as we all ready know that Donald Trump is trying to destroy president Barack Obama’s legacy. The republican controlled house of congress is a total SHAM! the most corrupted dysfunctional and partisan inept group of mostly white men. No minorities and no women either
    only illistraights that these fascist minority white men wants to takeover and rule the majority for eternity.
    The Blue Wave can only happen if we all go out and Vote as if our lives depend on it because it matters now more than ever before.
    Now as for local politics,I happen to have NO ISSUES! with mayor Dee Margo, I think that he is doing a very good job as El Paso’s mayor. That is the main reason that I voted for him,I put my city before my party and he ended up getting my vote. I like him for many reasons, and one of those reason is that he supports the 2012 Quality Of Life Three Signature Projects.
    And I did vote YES on all three of these projects,overall I was one of the overwhelming 72% of El Paso Voters that voted YES.And so did my family and so did my friends and relatives.
    So it really irritates me in the most bad and sad way of feelings when idiots try to go against the will of the Voters!
    Seems like some people just DON’T GET IT! if the city needs more money they should ask for it from the taxpayers. If we say no, then find some other ways and means to get the money,it’s possible,just don’t give up.
    I don’t care about complaining disruptive whining crybaby NAYSAYERS! and the protesters from the downtown arena either. If I could vote for city representative Cissy Lizarraga, I would! but I don’t reside in her district so I strongly urge for her district constituents to reelect her again to city council.
    So if you oppose progress for El Paso’s Future, Then I will oppose you and insist that your negative opinions, have no merit.
    I watch city council meetings on TV when I feel like watching them,and on Tuesdays is when they air.It’s unbelievably INSANE! that there are many rude degenerate mindless morons that attend these meetings, I just don’t know how city council tolerates these ranting childish misfit idiots.
    I guess El Paso’s Finest can and will bring to order,on any disruptive individual stooge that insist and continues to get out of hand. And disrespects Mayor Dee Margo, Hell if it was mayor Jonathan Roger! he would have you arrested for public disobedience,misbehavior lunacy.
    Have A Nice Day El Paso!
    Very Important! Our Lives and well being DEPEND ON IT!

    • I will be voting and cancelling yours, Alberto

      • And I will be voting to cancel your vote for Ted Cruz Buttblasst FAT MAD MIKE!

  • Seems like some people just DON’T GET IT! if the city needs more money they should ask for it from the taxpayers. If we say no, then find some other ways and means to get the money,it’s possible,just don’t give up.

    So, how’s that working for you?

    • No Problem! So why are you worried about me?

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