• January 27, 2022
 Op-Ed: Fix the Money…Fix the World!

Op-Ed: Fix the Money…Fix the World!

It’s the mantra of the entire Blockchain community: Fix the Money and you’ll Fix the World.

As it stands today, through a hundred-year fiat monetary system, the U.S. is the most indebted country in the entire world, with China owning the majority of our debt. The dependence on a non-backed, fractional reserve fiat currency, has all but collapsed our country.

Through decades of utilizing this system, the value of US dollar has gone from $1.00, down to approximately .04¢. You might ask, how is that possible? Well, it’s called INFLATION.

In the year the Federal Reserve Act was passed, 1913, you could by 16 loaves of bread for $1.00. And now you can’t even buy a half a loaf of bread with a $1.00. These means the constant devaluing of the dollar, through excess money printing, and corporate subsidies, has left the
dollar with ZERO purchasing power.

Because we’ve all been born into the fractional reserve system, I don’t think people understand just how much control the private company known as the Federal Reserve, has on us, and our money.

Simply put, the Fed has total control. The Fed decides, who gets money, how much of it they can get, when and where they can get it, and what professions they can work in to earn it.

Now let’s look at the #1 asset in the whole wide-world: Bitcoin. Unlike, the US dollar which has literally no value, and is a negative yielding asset (right now the interest rate given at banks is approximately .05%). Bitcoin, on the other hand, has returned 200% or more each year
since it’s exception in 2009. And Bitcoin cannot be inflated, manipulated, or counterfeited.

Bitcoin is immutable, and fungible, 1 Bitcoin = 1 Bitcoin. As I stated earlier, there is practically nothing you can buy with one US dollar. $1.00 = 0.4¢.

However, right now, you can buy a new car with 1 Bitcoin. You can pay down student debt with 1 Bitcoin, and you can put a nice size deposit on a home with 1 Bitcoin. Now that’s Real Value, that’s Real Purchasing Power!

The time has come, for We the People to have total control of our money. In the U.S. and all over the world, citizens are looking for alternatives to Central Banking. Alternatives fueled by blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

If we’re going to have real freedom of choice, and have real free markets, then the people must have full control of their money.

Fix the Money! Fix the World!

Author: Majeed A. Kariem, CBP
C4-Certified Bitcoin Professional |  President, Blockchain Merchants Assoc.


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