• October 25, 2021
 Op-Ed: Hurd on the Hill – Standing with Israel Against Terrorism

Op-Ed: Hurd on the Hill – Standing with Israel Against Terrorism

Sirens blaring loudly in the distance. Bright streaks of light in the sky. Deadly explosions seconds later. This is not a scene from a war movie. These are the sights and sounds in Israel today in 2019.

On the weekend of May 4th, Hamas and other terrorist groups fired more than 600 rockets into Israel from the Gaza strip. Their aim is to kill innocent civilians and sow chaos. But the Israelis have remained strong, and I am proud to stand behind our greatest ally in the Middle East.

I have made multiple trips to Israel and seen firsthand the threats they face every day. One of the most interesting places I visited was an Iron Dome facility in Southern Israel. Iron Dome is a missile defense system developed by the Israelis that has shot down thousands of rockets that might otherwise have landed in urban areas.

The system is so effective that is has an almost 90% success rate at stopping incoming rockets. That’s why the U.S. has provided significant security assistance to Israel to deploy more Iron Dome batteries. In the last two years, I have voted for $162 million in funding for this critical system that is protecting innocent lives every day in Israel.

I also remain committed to containing the aggressive ambitions of the Iranian regime. Make no mistake – the current regime in Tehran represents an existential threat to the State of Israel.

As a state sponsor of terror for decades, Iran has provided Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups targeting Israel with weapons, rockets and financial support that has been used to attack innocent civilians and destabilize the region.

I strongly support the Administration’s decision to withdraw from President Obama’s flawed nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose tough sanctions on the regime. Until the Iranian government stops backing terrorist groups, we cannot waver in our resolve to support Israel and our allies in the region against this malign regime.

The threats facing Israel’s security, however, go beyond violence in the region. Israel also faces a coordinated campaign to exclude the its people from the economic and cultural life of the rest of the world.

The Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) seeks to delegitimize the State of Israel and isolate it from the community of nations by targeting both Israeli and foreign companies and institutions, solely because of their association with Israel.

The United States is a critical partner in a violent and turbulent region and must stand with Israel against this global movement, which is why I have joined my colleagues in supporting legislation that condemns the BDS movement and gives state and local governments new tools to fight back against these groups.

In the dangerous world facing the United States abroad, it is more important than ever that we support our friends and allies. Amid rocket attacks from terrorist groups, the threat posed by Iran and rising antisemitism around the world, the United States should continue to stand side-by-side with our brothers and sisters in Israel.

As your Representative, I will continue to work with my colleagues to ensure we do just that.


A former undercover CIA officer, entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert, Will Hurd is the U.S. Representative for the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. In Washington, he serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he is the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Intelligence Modernization and Readiness, and the House Committee on Appropriations, where he serves on the Subcommittees on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

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  • Will Hurd is just another Benjamite Netanyahu by standing with Israel and making himself some brownie points with the Dotard Moron fascist GROPER! Donald Trump!
    Why isn’t Will Hurd talking about gun control instead? with massive school shootings everywhere, and he’s concerned about terrorism! Israel can handle their own terrorist issues.
    Besides Will Hurd don’t represent El Paso, it’s Veronica Escobar who is doing El Paso’s bidding in the house of congress, and not Will Hurd. Vote this creep out of office in 2020, why so much publicity for him?

    • So with your bigotry, racism, lies and constant Trump Derangement Syndrome – you are adding anti-Semitism to your resume?
      Representative Will Hurd, unlike you Socialists, can do more than one thing at a time. Look at a map you moron, Israel is surrounded by regimes that want it destroyed – I know you and your ilk would love to see that – the US of A will not stand idly by to allow it.
      Escobar, like the idiot she replaced, only represents herself. The only “bidding” she does is whatever her socialist masters instruct her to do.

    • First of all, you aren’t even allowed to own a firearm, convict. Secondly, you have repeatedly proven yourself to be a bigot, racist, and now, an anti-semite

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        Israel can take care of it’s self,they’ve been doing so since 1947! and now they even have Russia to side with it,they don’t need any help from the USA. They have all of our military equipment and they also have NUKES! You dumbass!
        Why don’t you enlist in the military service and stop being such a panzy!
        You NAZI chicken.

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          • What are you talking about? What social needs for babies? They’re babies? What social needs do they have? If you’re referring to Welfare, CHIP, etc, then yes, cut them all. If you can’t afford to have a baby, don’t have a baby. It’s a choice. Why should the rest of us have to pay for it? We didn’t have our first child until I was well into my 30’s because we wanted to make sure that my career was moving in an upward direction so his mom could be a full time mom and that we had the financial means to care for him and still be able to live a respectable life, that we had a home to raise him in, that we had a college fund set aside. It’s called being responsible. The things that require hard work and not a hand out. If’s that’s the GOP that you’re talking about then yes, I support that 100%. The rest of what you said is completely false, as usual.

  • Are you talking to a mirror Alberta?

    “No one asked you to come here to argue with me, but it is your style to intimidate,slander,bully,misinform,attack,pretending you are not a certain person. By denying it.”

    This is what you do EVERYTIME!

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      • Fero,

        That thing is pure trash. It assumes my race by a EPHP post. Why do the racists demonRATS/Socialist ALWAYS bring race into a conversation.

        I guess I will just sit back and enjoy its total, continued meltdown!!

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          • Hey Alberta,

            I was discussing your mental defects to a friend of mine who works in the mental health field. She thought I was exaggerating about your lack of mental prowess, so I logged in and showed her just this one thread while letting her know this is one of your minor fits.

            Her first response was that your words look like someone threw scrabble tiles in the air and just copied whatever they saw.

            Look, I know we give you a rough time on here, but its only because we are concerned about the safety of the folks that are around you. They don’t deserve to be in danger because you are possibly mentally unfit to be around. So, as an American and El Pasoan – we encourage you to seek professional help – and sniffing airplane glue is NOT seeking help.

        • We all know Alberto is a certifiable nut-job but he is too delusional and stupid to realize that. He has nothing better to do with his worthless life than to post his leftist hatred on these forums. The best thing to do is beat him down while posting against him so he continues his psycho rants for his own mental health.

          • I agree with TxRngr. This guy displays some seriots mental illness. We have to wonder if him being allowed to walk the streets is safe for our community. In the past they would lock people up for less.

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      • Alberta,


        We can help you! Our skilled operators are standing by to take your phone calls.


        Let us help you get over it!

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          Get the Sergeant At Arms to arrest William Barr and Steve Mnuchin, and start sticking to the subject. Will Hurd is standing by Benjamin Netanyahu because he reminds him of Donald Trump! They are both Corrupted Fascist Dictators.
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    You have a strange form of TDS, called STD, you must had caught it from Tx buttpole Rngr. You must report to the FREE CLINIC and have that taken care off, and put yourself under quarantine and stop advertising yourself with that red light in your window stall. You see what fly by nights can get you?
    RENT FREE MINDS is what Y’ALL Need to advertise, I happen to occupy about four at this moment! Mad Mike’s mind is the cheapest, it’s about the size of a cage.Needs more room and space.He can barely fit in one finger, Opp’s that’s his IQ.
    Here’s a true story for Y’ALL to go with your IQ’S…
    There was a blonde by the name of Fero who decided to take a vacation.So Fero the blonde packed his fishing pole and his boat,and headed out towards the west. Fero finds a corn field and he puts the boat in the corn field with his fishing pole.
    So Fero is out in the middle of the corn field drinking Moon Shine and fishing.
    A blonde by the name of Mikey driving down the road sees Fero, stops and says , “It’s blondes like you that give blondes like me a bad name,and if I could swim I’d kick your ass”…..
    PRICELESS…….good enough for WALL PAPER in your rent free section 8 mind’s AIN’T IT BOYS?

    • You can tell when Alberto is getting a good beat down. His rants get more mindless, crazier and incoherent. The only 62-63 year old moron here acting like a 5 year old child. A 5 year old child would beat down Alberto the psycho. What a pitiful life you have. It must really suck to be you. Happy TDS for years to come. lmao.

      • Speak for your own moronic person Fero the Goat! I will live rent free in your mind for the rest of your miserable life. Besides that you couldn’t even beat yourself out of a wet paper bag. I love humor and I enjoy giving you your everyday beat downs.
        And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it,since you are a sissy coward!
        YO SOY CHINGON! HUEY! you are nothing but a parasite piece of shit.
        You’ll never reach the age of 63, you’ll probably be struck down by lighting or catch some sexually transmitted disease,and if your are lucky you’ll get hit by a car jaywalking on a dirt road.
        So get over it, and back to cleaning urinals and toilets!
        The rent never goes down in your section 8 maggot infested skull…..
        You baboso pendejo, BUTT BLAST DIARRHEA FACE!

        • Alberto continuing to get beat down over and over again is PRICELESS! NO! YOU live rent free in your own head baboso. Schizo 24/7. That is why you have so many aliases on the internet especially over at KVIA where you get caught by the moderator. It must suck to be you. lmao.

  • Fero continues to eat my shit pies! PRICELESS as I shove them down his pathetic throat with my beat downs.
    And rent is free inside Fero’s brain dead mind, I should know, I live in it 24/7.
    Fero es culo y se lavanta tarde!!!!
    IT has to suck to be a CUCARACHA like Fero!
    I’ll make a deal with you Fero!
    You stay off my EPHP Forum and I’ll stay off your mama.

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