• December 2, 2021
 Op-Ed: Hurd Statement on End of Mueller Investigation

Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas)

Op-Ed: Hurd Statement on End of Mueller Investigation

WASHINGTON, DC – Former undercover CIA officer U.S. Representative Will Hurd (TX-23), who serves the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement after Attorney General William Barr released the summary of the Mueller report:

The independent investigation by the Special Counsel left no stone unturned, spending $25 million, employing 19 attorneys and 40 FBI agents, issuing 2,800 subpoenas, executing nearly 500 search warrants and interviewing approximately 500 witnesses.

After this exhaustive effort, Mr. Mueller came to the same conclusion as the House Intelligence Committee last year – there was no collusion or conspiracy between Russia and President Trump or his campaign.

For the last 22 months the Intelligence Community has been the subject of unprecedented controversy and abuse – because some of its own senior most leaders failed in their professional duties as intelligence officers and abused their power, and because some members of Congress abused their position to feed speculation, innuendo and conspiracies without evidence into the minds of the American public.

Russia continues to erode our democracy by exploiting our nation’s divisions, and continuing this partisan bickering only provides more fuel to the fire started by Putin’s covert influence campaign.

Instead of fighting each other on cable news, we must work together to ensure this never happens again by continuing to strengthen election security and supporting the efforts to review Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuses and other missteps by DOJ officials during the 2016 campaign.


A former undercover CIA officer, entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert, Will Hurd is the U.S. Representative for the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. In Washington, he serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he is the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Intelligence Modernization and Readiness, and the House Committee on Appropriations, where he serves on the Subcommittees on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

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  • I don’t buy Will Hurd’s opinion on the ending results of the Mueller report! regardless of his previous affiliation with the CIA! I don’t trust the republican establishment as far as I can throw them.Just look at Donald Trump and all of his former and present appointees? Some are going to prison while others are awaiting court hearings,this never happened before during president Barack Obama’s administration.
    And yet some republicans morons here in El Paso are pathetic idiots! if you want to see what they say, just venture over to the KVIA commenting forum. They dominate all of those political commenting threads and the KVIA Director. Allows them to because he is from the red panhandle of Texas red neck country and a staunch republican.
    The Mueller report was never completed as Robert Mueller was rushed out, but since he is also a republican,it’s all about birds of a feather. including chickens.Like William Barr!!! Lindsey Graham,Mike Conaway,Devin Nunes etc.

    • Rushed out? He took over 2 years and he spent most of that time making sure he covered up all the illegal shenanigans of his former colleagues. The ones who you KEEEEEP saying never did anything wrong under Obama. Of course it appears that way. His whole administration was one big cover up. He knew that Trump was being set up and he ignored it. In fact he was actively involved in it. Stop being so righteous. How brainwashed are you? Open your eyes and use your brain. Stop spewing the democratic propaganda. You are the most Partisan fool I’ve ever heard. Republicans are at least open to criticizing Trump when he makes a decision that we disagree with (and there are some) but for you, Democrats are right no matter what, always. That is the danger in people like you and AOC. You HAVE to be right even if you are INCREDIBILY wrong. Even if deep down you know it will ultimately hurt this country. And if you’re too stupid to realize that well then I guess it doesn’t matter. I guess the good news is you can’t do much harm here. As long as you never run for public office we will be ok. You don’t have the intestinal fortitude to run for anything and you’re far to sensitive to criticism to ever be successful. Thank God because your constant rhetoric of mis and/or flat out wrong information is very dangerous. If the crazies like you end up running this country we will all be sorry. Try opening your ears and shutting you mouth every once in a while.

      • Gee original maggot, Nixon’s Watergate investigation took longer! Mueller’s probe lasted about 18 months. But will leave it at that, 37 criminal indictments against
        Donald Trump’s cronies. No indictments against president Obama’s administration.
        But it’s the real truth that you know bites you in your ass all the time.
        Trump was never set up! he did all of his crimes in plain sight.then brag and boasted about it on national TV. Russia if your listening! or If you are popular they let you grab them by their pussy cats. And paying hush money to porn stars before a national election! PRICELESS! And he’s FIXER! Michael Cohen spilled all the beans on him, yet he has to go to prison for three years.
        And you talk about partisan! And using my words are like plagiarism since you don’t have any words of your own.
        President Obama is not under investigation, nice try to fabricate your lies and turn them around on president Obama.
        You jerks are so in denial and full of crappy made up lies.you should go work for the Russian trolls and hackers. get paid in Russian rubles.
        Hey! AOC is spot RIGHT ON! she scares you republicans makes you run for cover. And shes just getting started and has already receive tons of death threats by radical extremist republicans. Whats up with that?
        Your white nationals are the ones that are destroying our democracy! but rest assure that is going to end in the 2020 national elections.
        All republicans including Will Hurd are nothing but scum and hypocrites, that would willingly hand over the constitution to the Russians. Just like Donald Trump wanted to pull out of NATO! and you talk about CRAZIES! Go look in the mirror, and take a good look on how crazily INSANE you are maggot!
        Who said that I was going to run for public office? NO THANKS!
        I sure hope that more progressive thinkers and doers like me run for political office.Smart individual human beings that will have oversight on garbage nasty morons like you. Who you think just like Donald Trump does. you think that you are above the law and that your poop don’t stink!
        because that falls under white rights privilege! according to you maggot.
        You are a sorry ass excuse for w republican! clean the wax out of your ears and wash your stinky breath and mouth with Listerine and tooth paste.
        You don’t even believe in God, so leave the good lords name out of this conversation.
        Besides, the only one sensitive to criticism is you maggot! very original that you can’t accept the truth. But dwell on Trump pathological lies.

        • No. AOC scares Republicans because she’s stupid and she is a fear monger and people like you and other easily impressionable people actually believe her. Based on NO FACTS. Cow Farts? Really? That’s this worlds biggest threat? Besides, if she’s right, nothing else matters because the world will be gone in 12 years. So chill out, have a beer and enjoy the rest of your short time left!

          • Isn’t Alberto funny?? “A doer like me”? What a laugh. he is in his mid-60’s and lives on “affordable housing”. He is a mooch

        • AOC scares republicans because they voted for Donald Trump! and like Donald Trump said, he loves the uneducated, meaning dumb asses like you and mad mike. Your biggest fear is the threat that Kim Jong Un is going to stick one up your rear end and make you and mad mike glow like the sun.
          And as for mad mike, the child stooge that even his former home town didn’t want him back. You wish that you lived in affordable housing,but due to so many run in with the law. You didn’t qualified for section eight. So instead you had to settled for those trailer trash courts outside the city limits. Where you have no flushing water,sewer lines and your trailer community has to use the same outside outhouse. And wiped your butts with tumble weeds and sand.
          Where’s your swimming pool mad mike? Oh you have to wait till when it rains for that, and that includes your shower as well.
          Since they don’t allow you at the lake, you steal the ducks for food.

  • Every time the deep state loses a battle to get rid of Trump, their insane rage becomes more uncontrolled. Their lawlessness, lies, deceptions and violence become more extreme. These people are evil and dangerous. This sham investigation was not anything like the administration of justice. It was part of, as people say but we’ve stopped being shocked when we hear it, a soft coup. It was a deliberate attempt by the powerful to use the levers of government to eliminate a threat to the ruling class’s hold on political power by manufacturing a false narrative with the active assistance of those in government and media whose whole job is to prevent these sorts of fascist shenanigans. Democrats may regret their years of hyperventilation over allegations of foreign “collusion” to influence a presidential election. In what amounts to slow-motion political jujitsu, the nefarious acts attributed to the Trump campaign may end up being applied to the obama administration and Hillary campaign. A formal criminal investigation already is being launched overseas, making an American counterpart investigation awkward to suppress.
    “Eat shit, liberals! You’re wrong. You suck. We win again. You lose again. That means today was a great day. When the liberal media loses, the country wins.”

    • You are a freaking JOKE! your whole family are nothing but a JOKE of BUFFOONERY CLOWNS! you know that Donald Trump is NOT GOING TO GET AWAY! with all of his crimes, and you don’t know what lawlessness is because you are as blind as a bat straight out of hell! The evil and hate that you assholes dwell on everyday 24/7, just like Donald Trump. And you boast proudly with all of your pathetic lies,spread fear mongering among yourselves. The ruling class is only the 1% and you are not part of them,you you suck up to them as you wish you could kiss their asses. little do you know, BOY!
      You are in total denial. GOD BLESS THE DEMOCRATS for regaining power in Congress! WE NOW HAVE OVERSIGHT ON Donald Trump and all of his staff of plague filled shenanigans.
      With the exception of Michael Cohen,whom Trump used as a stooge child,then threw him under the bus. Donald Trump did collude with Russia! even though it’s not mentioned in the Mueller report.
      The democrats have SUBPOENA POWER!!! to get right down to the bottom of this mess from CROOKED Donald Trump!
      Just last year they didn’t have anything, as they depended on the special counsel criminal investigator.Robert Mueller. Love to disappoint you JOKER! BUT THE JOKES ON Y’ALL!
      Take another victory lap and enjoy the ride! There’s nothing on president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton! Just admit that you are so wrong. And this fake criminal investigation! you said is being launched overseas!!!
      Who’s launching it, VLADIMIR PUTIN!?
      You are truly a sorry ass excuse for a republican white nationalist NAZI wannabe!
      WE WON IN 2018 MID TERM and We will win again in 2020! The BLUE WAVE was just a practice drill!
      STAND FAST! El Nino in the Pacific Ocean is coming with a HUGE BLUE TSUNAMI IN 2020!
      This one is going to hit Y’ALL HARD! you’ll just have to crawl back under your rocks! and go back to before June 16,2015! and continue to hibernate till you become fossils.
      SO COMA MIERDA! 24/7/365 Days a year JOKER! and same goes for your republican deplorable base!
      The jokes on you, it always was, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, LOL so much. The liberal media WINS AGAIN! Deep State Fox News loses again the USA WINS and Russia loses along with Donald Trump!
      Trump for PRISON in 2021! it’s going to be fun watching him go down and hauled of to prison with Jr and all the rest.
      STAY TUNE!
      Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
      Got to love the republican chants! lock her up to Jews will not replace us! put tiki torches on your cake
      Joker! then light them up till you burn out in great disappointment!

      • Another stupid meaningless rant from a loser that has severe mental illness.

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