Op-Ed: Many questions still surround the cause COVID-19

Who were the actors and what was transpiring behind the scenes as the possibility of a conspiracy to cover up the funding and origins of COVID-19 was slowly emerging?

Thousands of pages of emails obtained through a FOIA request by BuzzFeed News reveal that on January 31, 2020 Fauci received an email from Kristian Andersen, stating that the covid-19 virus had “unusual features” and that “one has to look closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered.” He further noted “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.”

What could Anderson and his team have received in four short days that would prompt a 180 deg. reversal?

Andersen is a leading infectious disease expert at Scripps Research Institute and leader of the five-member team of virologists who initially agreed the virus “looked engineered.” Four days after their initial assessment, Andersen’s team published a letter in Nature Medicine contradicting their own statements and now assured the public that “we do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible” and referred to the theories as “crackpot theories.”

A day after receiving Andersen’s email dated January 31st, Fauci sent an email to Hugh Auchincloss, Principal Deputy Director of NIAID, stating “it is essential that we speak this morning, read this paper, you will have tasks that must be done.” subject line “IMPORTANT”
and an attachment labeled “Baric, Shi et al – Nature medicine – SARS Gain of function.pdf.” Note the sense of urgency by Fauci?

Auchincloss replied with “The paper you sent me says the experiments were performed before the gain of function pause but have since been reviewed and approved by the NIH.”

Was Fauci concerned other matters related to the virus would be exposed?

More than a year after covid-19 and 170M infections and 3.5M deaths globally, we learned our tax dollars were used to fund gain-of-function research (via EcoHealth Alliance—Dr. Peter Daszak). Dr. Fauci testified before Congress that his organization was not funding gain-of-function research which we now know was untrue.

In 2015 an article titled “A SARS like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence” was published in the NIH National Library of Medicine. At the end of the article there were nine grants listed from the AI/NIAID NIH HHS/United States; two from the DK/NIDDK NIH HHS/United States; and two from AG/NIAID NIH HHS/United States. Fauci has control of the purse strings to millions of dollars in grants.

Additionally, we learned Dr. Ralph Baric (The Coronavirus Hunter—Univ of NC) was training Dr. Shi Zhengli (Bat Woman—Top Researcher at Wuhan Institute of Virology–WIV) in gain-of- function research in NC.

We’ve also learned that only three places conduct gain-of-function research: Wuhan, China; Chapel Hill, NC and Galveston, Tx. It is important to recognize the WIV had scientists from the Chinese Communist Party on staff. It is a well-known fact that Dr. Baric has been to China to research gain-of-function with Zhengli.

On February 19, 2020 The Lancet published a statement in which 27 scientists proclaimed we “stand in solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China…to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin?”

It turns out Peter Daszak (EcoHealth) not only signed the statement but he organized the statement—FOIA obtained by U.S. Right to Know.

Peter Daszak had an immediate personal interest in trying to shut down the lab-leak theory as he receives millions of dollars in grant money from the NAIAD (Fauci) and repackages and redistributes the funds and one grantee being WIV! By 2018 he’s making $15M per year in grants. Not surprisingly, he was one of the experts who went to Wuhan to investigate the lab- leak theory which was organized by the WHO.


What positions did the Obama and Trump administrations take regarding gain-of-function research?

In 2014, after several congressional hearings revealed there had been ten or more near mishaps or leaks which could have endangered Americans lives, the Obama-Biden administration placed a moratorium on gain-of-function research. They wisely concluded that after two decades of studies the risks far outweighed any reward.

Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr. Zhengli were allowed to continue their research because the moratorium contained an exemption for cases that were deemed “urgently necessary to protect the public health or national security.” Isn’t this a great example of an oxymoron on steroids?

Dr. Fauci is a proponent of gain-of-function research and has stated that gain-of-function research is worth the risk!

Perhaps he would like to ask the 170M who have been infected with the virus and the 3.5M families who have lost loved ones and the millions who have lost their livelihoods, how they feel.

True to form, immediately upon taking office Biden shut down an investigation which started early 2020 being conducted in the State Department under the Trump Administration.

If Trump did it, get rid of it!

No reasons were given for ending the investigation. This being the case, what vested interest did Biden have in closing an investigation that infected 170M and killed 3.5M worldwide? Why would Biden show little to no interest in getting to the root cause of the origin of the virus?

He was callous and apathetic—this coming from “the good guy.” After mounting pressure on the Biden Administration, Biden ordered a 90-day investigation at which time he wants results.

Let’s reflect on that a moment. Biden wants results in 90 days on an investigation the Trump Administration had been working on for approximately nine months.

Did anything change during the Trump Administration?

In 2017 the Trump Administration lifted the moratorium and replaced it with a review system referred to as HHS P3C0 which “put the onus for ensuring the safety of such research on the federal department or agency funding it.”

The Science Safety Security website describes safety as “the effective management of risks posed by working with infectious agents and toxins in laboratories; it includes…biocontainment of those infectious agents and toxins.

Our government knew of the safety hazards that existed at the WIV and yet allowed Dr. Baric and Dr. Zhengli to continue this dangerous research? Why? Why did we fund their research?

According to an unnamed longtime NIH agency official “everyone’s gone wink-wink and just done gain-of-function research anyway.” (Vanity Fair)

Based on a dossier prepared by Miles Yu, chief strategist at the State Depart, Secretary Pompeo became “gravely concerned” about China’s actions after the covid-19 pandemic and ordered an investigation into the origins of covid-19.

It would be interesting to get “everyone’s” reaction to the 170M infections and 3.5M deaths worldwide because they went “wink-wink” and disregarded policy.


Those within the scientific community and our government who expressed an opinion supporting the theory that covid-19 was engineered were attacked or dismissed. The question is why? If…Dr. Richard Ebright, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers Univ. said it took him “ananosecond or a picosecond” to link the virus to the WIV.

Dr. Robert Redfield, former CDC Director and a member of President Trump’s task force, stated on CNN that he thought “the virus likely escaped from a lab.” He received death threats from the scientific community.

David Asher, investigator and contractor at the State Department who ran the day-to-day COVID-19 origin investigation, stated “The DRASTIC (Decentralized Radial Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19) people are doing better research than the U.S. government.”

Asher also stated it was clear “there is a huge gain-of-function bureaucracy” within our government.

David Feith, former deputy assistant Sec of State in the East Asia bureau wondered “why parts of the U.S. government were not as curious…is a hugely important one.”

Why wasn’t our government concerned when they received classified intelligence that three WIV researchers became ill in autumn of 2019 shortly before the outbreak?

Why did Christopher Park who worked in the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation advise roughly a dozen attendees at a December 9, 2020 meeting “not to say anything that would point to the U.S. government’s own role in gain-of-function research…?” Later he stated “I’m skeptical that people genuinely felt they were being discouraged from presenting facts.”

In the words of Sen. Kennedy: “stop the crap.”

In a memo, State Department Thomas DiNanno stated we were “warned…not to pursue an investigation…because it would ‘open a can of worms’ if it continued.”

Former Deputy National Security adviser Matthew Pottinger stated “It was pure panic.”

When the “bomb-thrower-in-chief” (Trump) went on national news alleging the virus leaked from the WIV the fireworks went off. Imagine the mass hysteria! The list of those panicking goes on and on in the Vanity Fair article.

With statements made by our government officials, contradicting stories and of course blaming President Trump for muddying the waters, who are WE to believe?

How serious is our government taking defector Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan? Let’s hope they take her more seriously than they took HHS PC30.

Why is the U.S. funding research in China? Why were we working alongside and training Chinese scientists with ties to the Chinese military?

Dr. Maria Ryan, former CEO of Cottage Hospital, said there are two reasons for gain-of-function research: altruistic reasons or bioweapons.

Wonder if the word “altruistic” exists in a Chinese dictionary.

Author: Barbara Carrasco

Carrasco is a local small business owner, PCT Chair #16 Republican Party, Former SREC Dist 29, and Republican Candidate for Congressional District 16, (2012)


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