Op-Ed: Not an America First President

The Biden administration has just added another layer of confusion (tentacle) to deal with the illegal immigration crisis they created.

In their rush to obliterate anything President Trump did for his “America First” agenda, Biden failed to understand or just didn’t care about the immediate catastrophic impact at our border once construction of the wall stopped, catch and release was reinstated, the “Stay-in-Mexico” policy rescinded and millions of people told to come to the United States.

Let’s not forget this is a man with 40 plus years in government as Senator and eight as VP!

In a recent release, the administration, with its infinite wisdom and unmatched talent for creating problems, has chosen El Paso as one of ten cities that will fast-track family asylum cases which are to be decided on the merits within 300 days for those who arrive on or after May 28th .

Imagine what the taxpayer-paid immigration lawyers will do with the phrase “fast-track.” The 300 days will turn into years, our tax dollar at “waste” will continue until this process fails and another insane idea is suggested or worse, implemented.

Ultimately, this new process is an effort to lessen the outrage expressed over the videos or pictures we’ve seen in SOME newscasts exposing the tragedies at our border and detention centers, all of which this administration continues to deny.

Their release states “Under this process, certain recently arrived families (read illegal immigrants) may be placed on the Dedicated Docket.” How will families who don’t qualify be handled? “Families may qualify if they are apprehended between ports of entry…and enrolled in Alternatives to Detention.”

What in the world is “Alternatives to Detention?”

Are the DOJ and DHS (now) simultaneously processing those who present themselves at the ports of entry and those being transported to the ports of entry, at the same location? Are the illegal immigrants apprehended between borders after May 28th being given preferential treatment?

It appears that is the case as Mayorkas states in the release “Families who have recently arrived should not languish in a multi-year backlog;”

Based on Mayorkas’ statements, illegal entries will increase—word travels fast!

This new process continues aiding and abetting the cartels, human smugglers and sex and drug traffickers! But asylum seekers who arrived at our border three months prior to May 28th will be allowed to “languish in a multi-year backlog.”

Can anyone, anyone make sense of this? Do we have anyone who can code? Alarming, is that there isn’t any mention of an end date for this process.

In the release Mayorkas stated that “most families who have entered U.S. border custody in the past three months have been allowed to stay…” Yet, in the same release CBP states that 62.5% of apprehensions the prior three months were expelled under Title 42. Contradictions– or is it “they lie like they breathe.” (Sen. Kennedy)

Only those individuals living under a rock since the election will believe they were expelled or even worse, believe our border is closed.

Ultimately, this new process does nothing to reduce the 1.2M asylum seekers who “languish in a multi-year backlog” nor does it discourage illegal immigrants from swarming our border. This new open-ended policy is nothing more than a way to quickly resettle illegal immigrants in our country.

Finally, Mayorkas states “today’s announcement is an important step for both justice and border security.” Obviously he isn’t aware that under President Trump there was justice and border security for the American people, not the other way around.

Sadly, we can all acknowledge that Biden is not a “First America” president.

Author: Barbara Carrasco

Carrasco is a local small business owner, PCT Chair #16 Republican Party, Former SREC Dist 29, and Republican Candidate for Congressional District 16, (2012)


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