• October 24, 2021

Op-Ed: Paychecks or Humanity?

I cross the international border between Cd. Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas about 4 times a week. I am amongst the thousands of transnational fronterizxs that live their life crossing the frontera as part of their weekly routine.

I cross over there easily to enjoy what I call the homeland. My veins bleed proud Mexican blood that was passed onto me by my parents.

When I cross back, I am questioned as to why I was in Juarez and my answer is always the same, because it’s my second home. I detest Border Patrol; the migra that instills fear into so many people.

Now, I’m often antagonized when I share my opinions about Border Patrol and ICE. People will argue that those people who work for these government sectors are simply people, like you and I, who are trying to make a living.

I think it’s important to note that I am in no way trying to dehumanize these men and women who work for CBP and ICE. But I also find that the attempt to separate these humans from the accountability of their actions is problematic.

At this very moment, there are men, women and children in cages like animals. They spent days outside, underneath a bridge exposed to whatever the climate was. It was reported that children had bruises on their bodies from sleeping on the floor on top of rocks.

Whether or not Border Patrol agents “signed up” to do this when they applied for the job, they did it and they continue to get paid to do it. This makes every single man and woman who works for Border Patrol guilty of accepting paychecks for executing the inhumane treatment of migrant men, women and children.

I’ve had this conversation with both those who agree with me and those who disagree, and it seems like the argument I’ve come across the most is that these people who work for this government or this current administration need to feed their own families and thus have no choice.

If we can make this argument for these modern oppressive structures, can we not make them for say, Nazi soldiers and SS officers?

It can be argued that it is unlikely that EVERY SINGLE NAZI shared Adolf Hitlers’ dream of a “pure Germany,” but does that erase the damage that was done by every single Nazi that helped exterminate 6 million Jews?

How do we separate the inherently racist jobs that people do from the person who does them?

The answer is simple. We don’t.

If the humanity of others can be erased by a paycheck, then you are part of a broken system and you should and will be held accountable for the evil actions that you enact.

Border Patrol and ICE are organizations that’s entire existence is dependent on racist and xenophobic policies.

These conversations are uncomfortable for many people because we don’t want to think of our Tio in CBP or father in ICE as racist or xenophobic. And maybe they’re not blatantly so.

But when they put on a badge and drag children into cages, they are fueling a system that sees citizenship as a dealbreaker for treating someone as a human being that deserves respect and THAT is xenophobic. When an organization specifically targets folx with brown skin while simultaneously ignoring migrants from other countries (that are white), that IS racist.

There will be accountability.

Revolution is coming and it will remember the monsters who “did their job” and ignored morality.

Guest Contributor: Chandelier Kahlo  |  Previous Columns HERE


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  • Typical leftist garbage. If you can’t stand the CBP, then keep your leftist butt in Juarez, loser!

  • It sounds like you are promoting sedition. If you want a socialist revolution, bring it on.

  • We need to make certain that every CBP and ICE officer have your name for when you cross the border.

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! he he he he he! LOL! the delusional deranged Mad Mike talking to himself about some regular border crosser! The last two times time that I crossed into Juarez was in 1974 right after I had got arrested in Juarez.
    ICE should be abolished! they are just like Adolf Hitler’s SS Gestapos! and the Border patrol needs to be retrained! They are more hardcore against immigrants, but it comes with the job! I’ve seen videos of them out in the middle of the Arizona desert. Emptying hundreds of gallons of water that good Samaritan’s leave for the immigrants out in the middle of nowhere. As they laugh because they are cruel and mean ass! ass holes!
    It’s good that we have the first amendment freedom of speech! Mad Mike would love to do away with the first amendment. On the KVIA forum, there is NO FIRST AMENDMENT! NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
    The deplorable’s control that forum all to themselves! and they can shove it up where the sun never shines!

    • I always figured you as a leftist radical, and I was correct.

    • You seem to manage to get arrested everywhere you go, it figures.

      • I don’t think that ICE and CBP are too terrified of a tele-tubby guy in a dress, with a ring in his/her/it’s nose. Nice photos on Facebook,

  • I checked up on the author, a drag queen and Starbucks employee. Not much in the way of a revolutionary. What are you going to do dude, hit me with your purse?

    • I believe it used to work at Starbucks.

      • Really? You have to be the most hate-filled individual I have ever encountered.

        • This azzhat wants to compare CBP with concentration camp guards, and you call me hate filled? Go screw yourself, you socialist scum.

        • What’s the matter, are you his/hers/it’s boyfriend?

  • I’m more that sure that I make you nervous MAD MOSCA MIKE!! you exaggerate about me and dream about me every night! Juarez Police are Bad asses till one day turn into night, the cartels sent them packing, and that was also in 1974.Look up El Paso Times archives?
    So you do watch the tele-tubby’s Mad Mike?
    You are moronically dumb and funny and all rapped up in one tootsie roll talking to himself in a revolutionary way. You sound like you want to hit up on this drag queen for free Starbucks perks, coffee and lot’s of cream!

    • Since you love San Francisco so much,maybe you two should date

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        Maybe you can write to Rudy Giuliani and see if she’ll date you when in drag! or maybe you can do drag Mad Mike! Lose some fat off your fat belly and get down and mumbo jumbo at the OP to night!

        • No, you and him/her/it, need to get a room.

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