• May 27, 2022
 Op-Ed: President Biden’s border plan, Rep. Escobar’s, other’s support destroying America

Op-Ed: President Biden’s border plan, Rep. Escobar’s, other’s support destroying America

Biden’s plan as president, which Escobar supports, is to destroy everything the Trump Administration achieved to make America great again.

The most destructive EO opened our borders, halted construction of the border wall, reinstated catch and release, voided the MPP with Mexico and any agreement we may have had with the Central American countries to stop the exodus.

Fernando Garcia at BNHR called for a commission to investigate ICE and Border Patrol–the very agencies that work 24/7 to rid drugs that kill our loved ones; that protect women and children from being trafficked. ICE used to save the lives of hundreds of women and children from a life of prostitution, misery and degradation.

Biden shut down these human trafficking investigations. Perhaps the IRS and FBI should investigate BNHR’s funding and activities.

Garcia wants more resources used to treat people humanely. His cheerleading for illegal immigration enriches the Drug Cartels; condones human, sex and drug trafficking; encourages people to indenture themselves to drug cartels and supports an environment that causes countless sexual assaults and rapes of young girls and women. And let’s not forget countless others that die on their journey–their cadaver, a casualty of illegal immigration.

“Doctors Without Borders” just reported “Two-thirds of migrants traveling…experiencing violence during the journey, including abduction, theft, extortion, torture and rape.”

Border Patrol has reported assaults, sexual assaults at the holding facilities; lice, scabies, flu and covid- 19 are “rampant”; family unit areas smell of urine and vomit and 50% are testing positive for covid-19.

These infected people are being sent throughout the country.

These are the catastrophic consequences of Biden’s policies on people’s lives…a tsunami of heartache coming from a “nice guy.”

Quoting Obama in a Politico article “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (expletive) things up”

Adriana Cadena suggests the border is the new Ellis Island. Ellis Island was an entry point for LEGAL immigration into the United States. Upon arrival legal immigrants were given medical evaluations, asked their identity, place of origin, occupation, financial status and final destination in the United States. Immigrants with criminal records were rejected. Advocates for illegal immigration want unfettered, unrecorded illegal entry.

She also alleges those coming to our southern border want a better life. Everyone wants a better life.

That is achieved through hard work, following the law, and becoming part of a civil society. Illegal immigration does not encourage these attributes.

Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan, 2019, told the Senate Judiciary Committee “that a new pilot program resulted in thousands of families ditching their scheduled hearings…90% received final orders of removal in absentia.”

Cadena disingenuously confuses immigrant with illegal immigrant. She alleges current laws create fear in “immigrant communities.” That is false. The fear in illegal communities results from illegal immigrant criminals preying on their own while safe and secure in sanctuary cities.

Legal immigrants appreciate their newfound freedoms in the land of the free by working hard and following the laws.

A common falsehood is contributions made by illegal immigrants: In 2019 “Federation for Immigration Reform” found that illegal immigrants are “net consumers of taxpayer-funded services and the limited taxes paid by some…are in no way significant enough to offset the growing financial burdens they impose on U.S. taxpayers.”

In 2019, the cost of illegal immigrants to the American people was over $150 billion annually. Now the administration is paying $86M for housing, $6 million a day to stop construction on the wall not to mention FEMA expense.

Escobar mentions two bills the House approved that will create a pathway to citizenship for “more than 2.5M” individuals living in the U.S. illegally. Best informed estimates place the number of illegals up to 30 million. Without the border wall illegal immigration will remain fluid and dynamic.

She also alleges the “root causes” of the crisis on our southern border originate in Central America and Mexico. She is wrong. The “root causes” originate in the mixed messages Biden and his administration are sending worldwide. This “country-without-borders’ message” is resonating beyond Mexico and Central America. They’re also broadcasting “no consequences” for entering illegally.

This crisis is a self-inflicted wound caused by Biden and his administration on our sovereignty. Biden and his administration have dismantled policies implemented by President Trump that brought any semblance of sanity to a broken system.

Congresswoman Escobar would better serve her constituents by encouraging legal immigration.

Author: Barbara Carrasco*

Carrasco is a local small business owner, PCT Chair #16 Republican Party, Former SREC Dist 29, and Republican Candidate for Congressional District 16, (2012)
*Contributors to piece include: Jose Arreola, Mike Perez (S/A DEA Ret.);  Adolpho Telles (former Co. Chair, Rep. Party), David and Gloria Pena, retired/retired teacher; Nancy Aniszewski, retired Nurse


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