Op-Ed: Sadness over disrespect, misinformation about law enforcement after verdict in Minnesota

It saddens the heart to see the chaos, the hatred, the loss of life, disrespect for law enforcement and our chief law enforcement officer, the President, raising the temperature of hatred and declaring systemic racism in our law enforcement.

I’m sure everyone remembers Beergate in 2008 when Obama claimed the police in Cambridge “acted stupidly” before having the facts. The incident at Cambridge set the tone of his presidency regarding his perception of law enforcement.

Until this day he feels exactly as he did in 2008.

After the verdict in the Floyd trial Obama stated that blacks had a right to fear for their lives because systemic racism exists in law enforcement. “While today’s verdict may have been a necessary step on the road to progress, it was far from a sufficient one.”

What in the world did he mean? What is sufficient? Justice isn’t sufficient?

Before becoming VP, Harris tweeted, advocated for and boosted the fundraising for Minnesota Freedom Fund which paid bails for protestors who looted, committed arson, and injured innocent people protecting their businesses. This, coming from a former top law enforcement officer from California: “Everyone should take note of that, on both levels, that they’re (protesters) not going to let up — and they should not. And we should not”

Well, guess who carried her baton after she became VP? Yes, it’s her, Maxine Waters.

Finally, today Lebron James tweeted “YOU’RE NEXT” to the officer who fatally shot a 16 year old attacking others with a knife as shown on police body cam. Like the others, in his mind systemic racism rules the day and nothing matters. Facts are irrelevant. He’s already judged, convicted and executed the officer.

Are these high-profile individuals justified in their view of law enforcement? No. They do not rely on statistics, they rely solely on emotion.

In 2019 a total of 965* people were killed by law enforcement. Of that number 235 (24%) were blacks.
In 2020 a total 993* people were killed by law enforcement. Of that number 241(24%) were blacks.
In 2021, to date 213* have been killed by law enforcement. Of this number 30 (14%) were blacks. *Statista

Projecting this number into 2021 the number is less than the prior two years.

Do these statistics support the President’s, Obama’s, Harris’ and Lebron’s continued cries of systemic racism in law enforcement? Absolutely, emphatically NO!

Unfortunately the truth has been banned, hijacked and suppressed by the trio of deception (news media, high tech and Democratic Party) and narratives which contradict facts will bombard the airwaves until such time as silence becomes a roar.

Author: Barbara Carrasco

Carrasco is a local small business owner, PCT Chair #16 Republican Party, Former SREC Dist 29, and Republican Candidate for Congressional District 16, (2012)


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