OP-ED: EPISD has never hired a woman Superintendent

EPISD has begun the interview process and the community should know that EPISD has never hired a women superintendent. 

In public education, women are predominantly always on the frontlines- in the classroom as teachers and in the homes as mothers; we show up for our children. Yet, those in power are often men with male privilege who spend their career reconstructing the ideology of public education with little-to-no concern of the ramifications their decisions have in classrooms and communities. EPISD should not be run like a corporation. Children should be the priority.

Further, it is important to ensure that the Civil Rights of Mexican American immigrant parents and students are not violated. EPISD and their leadership have for far too long ignored this community and pretend like our struggles do not exist when they should be developing comprehensive creative programs to address the issues that English Language Learners, immigrant children in the barrio struggle with everyday.

EPISD has never hired a Mexican American woman superintendent, citing that there’s a lack of Latinas in Texas who have obtained a superintendent certificate, yet for the past 30+ years, EPISD has waived the superintendent certification requirement from previous hires.

EPISD needs a leader with a solid background in education, so that students come first, and who understands the Spanish speaking community and is willing to develop a system that is inclusive of meaningful input from Mexican American and immigrant parents. Given the history we have had with the previous superintendents, EPISD should break the cycle of only hiring men and they should finally consider a Mexican American woman for the position.


Hilda Villeagas

Familias Unidas del Chamizal



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