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Sunday , August 25 2019
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Home | Opinion | Op-Ed: Ten years of School shootings in the United States: 2008-2018

Op-Ed: Ten years of School shootings in the United States: 2008-2018

William Penn High School Dunbar Vocational Career Academy Cahokia High School Zebulon Middle School Central High School Westover High School Chimborazo Elementary School Leestown Middle School Aplington-Parkersburg High School Mattituck High School Wilson High School Brockton High School Booker T. Washington High School Livingston High School Discovery Middle School Inskip Elementary School Deer Creek Middle School Birney Elementary School South Gate High School Alisal High School Kelly Elementary School Millard South High School Gardena High School Louisiana Schnell Elementary School Martinsville West Middle School Worthing High School Sheeler Charter High School Ross Elementary School Highlands Intermediate School Horizon Elementary School Chandler Park Academy Cape Fear High School Harwell Middle School North Forest High School Armin Jahr Elementary Chardon High School Episcopal School of Jacksonville Mary Scroggs Elementary School Perry Hall High School Sandy Hook Elementary Taft High School Price Middle School Hillside Elementary School Redland Middle School Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts North Panola High Agape Christian Academy Sparks Middle School Stephenson High School West Orange High School Arapahoe High School Edison High School Liberty Technology Magnet High School Berrendo Middle School Valley Charter High School North High School Salisbury High School Raytown Success Academy Madison Parish High School East English Village Preparatory Academy St. Mary Catholic School Paul Robeson High School Horizon Elementary School Clarke Street Elementary School Reynolds High School Kelly High School Stellar Leadership Academy Fern Creek High School Albemarle High School Langston Hughes High School Marysville-Pilchuck High School Miami Carol City High School Kinston High School Wisconsin Lutheran High School Williamson High School Vanguard High School Norris Middle School Frederick High School Tenaya Middle School Judson High School Duval County school bus Elolf Elementary School W.S. Hornsby K-8 School Dulaney High School Northside High School Central Elementary School Harrisburg High School Excel Southwest High School Sulphur Rock STEM Magnet elementary school Harmony Grove High School Lawrence Central High School Whites Creek High School Muskegon Heights High School Independence High School Faribault Middle School Madison Jr/Sr High School Huffman High School East High School High Point High School Southside High School Augusta High School Thompson K-8 International Academy Technical High School Woodrow Wilson Junior High School Sandusky High School Chaffey High School Ava High School Wedgewood Middle School McLain High School Alpine High School Kearns High School Smalls Athletic Field T.A. Wilson Academy Elder High School Townville Elementary Vigor High School Linden-McKinley STEM Academy Benjamin E. Mays High School June Jordan School for Equity Mott Hall Charter School Union Middle School Houston Can Academy Savannah High School Bayless High School West Liberty-Salem High School Mark Twain Elementary School Scullen Middle School South Aiken High School Palmer Pillans Middle School Lee High School King City High School Linton Middle School North Park Elementary School Booker T. Washington High School Moss Bluff Elementary McLain High School Warren Elementary School JFK Stadium North Little Rock High School Freeman High School Mattoon High School Callaway High School Southern Middle School Rocky Mount High School Pattengill Academy Banneker High School Rancho Tehama Elementary School Aztec High School Champaign Central High School Roosevelt Elementary Beecher High School Italy High School Marshall County High School Lincoln High School Sal Castro Middle School Oxon Hill High School Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Huffman High School Great Mills High School Gloversville Middle School Raytown South Middle School Forest High School Highland High School Mount Zion High School Santa Fe High School Noblesville West Middle School Skyline High School Edgewood High School Lakeside Middle School Antioch High School Palm Beach Central High School Raines High School Canyon Springs High School Hebron High School Denali Elementary School Varina High School Butler High School Simonsdale Elementary School Cawood Elementary School.

114 killed.

242 injured.

0 Federal laws passed to stop it.


Author: Tim Holt is an educator and writer, with over 33 years experience in education and opines on education-related topics here and on his own award-winning blog: HoltThink Read his previous columns here.

He values your feedback, feel free to leave a comment. 

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About Tim Holt

Tim Holt is an educator and writer, with over 33 years experience in education and opines on education-related topics here and on his own award-winning blog: HoltThink. He values your feedback.

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  1. In the trenches

    Powerful. Thank you. Something to think about as we all head back to school this year: Will this year be the year El Paso is the victim of this terrorism? I am amazed that the federal government has done nothing over the years other than offer useless thoughts and even more useless prayers. God obviously ain’t helping us. We gotta solve this problem ourselves. And more guns is not the answer. That is just throwing gas on the flames.

    Is your kid next? Do you even care?

  2. All occurred in gun free zones.

    Every shooter committed felonies by bringing the gun on campus.

    • What does that mean anyway? All crime occurs where it is not supposed to happen, that is why it is called a crime. We have speed limit signs on roads, so what does that mean if someone gets into a wreck while speeding? Your argument makes no sense at all, other than it being an NRA talking point.

  3. “114 killed.
    242 injured.
    0 Federal laws passed to stop it.”

    It helps if you link to your data so that we can look at it – I pulled one randomly (actually I looked for one that had a somewhat unique name for cleaner search results), and it’s not what we think of when we think of “school shootings.” Sounds more like a fight that escalated. It’s crucial that as an educator, you teach the kids to look at and test the reliability and veracity of the underlying data first. This is a basic tenet of statistical analysis, and important to your students so that they are not mislead by special interest groups or vendors playing with the numbers. Ok, so if we take the numbers you give, and average them out over ten years, we’re looking at 11.4 deaths, 24.2 injured per year. Does that warrant federal legislation? See, that’s the problem with trying to make a statistical case – statistics are only as good as the underlying dataset, and don’t always tell the story you want them to tell.

    Here’s the one I pulled – Pull any two others at random and see what you get.

    Were we at UTEP at the same time? Your name is very, very familiar.

    • Mark,
      The point is, among others, the Federal government has done little to nothing to address the issue, other than offering thoughts and prayers.

      How many kids have to die before it “warrants” some kind of intervention? If it was your child, would you like some kind of help?

      Consider the shoe bomber…how many Americans died from someone wearing a bomb on their shoe? None. However, to this day, we still have to take our shoes off at airports before being searched at the TSA booth.

      We can legislate lots of things if we want to.

      • So what exactly, is your solution?

        • Good laugh. Based on the replies and narrative probably none. Here’s one. Since more children die every year from cell phone/texting use in car accidents than by guns let’s do a federal ban on cell phones. Much easier since it is not a right. If it will save just one life it will be worth it. The same argument the libtards use for gun control.

      • Hey Holt, are you going to be out there with your ANTIFA fascists when they come on the first of September?

  4. Hi Mark, thank you for reading the article. I pulled the data from this article and its related data source:

    The data is located here:

    Here is how they defined the term: “School shooting” since there is no single definition of it:

    “CNN reviewed hundreds of reported shootings at K-12 schools from 2009 until 2018. To compile our dataset, we primarily relied on open-source databases, news reports, calls to police departments, information on school websites and 2009-2013 data provided by the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO).

    Since there is no single definition for what qualifies as a school shooting, our team set the following parameters: The shooting must involve at least one person being shot (not including the shooter); and the shooting must occur on school property, which includes but is not limited to, buildings, athletic fields, parking lots, stadiums and buses. Our count includes accidental discharge of a firearm as long as the first two parameters are met, except in instances where the sole shooter is law enforcement or a security officer. Our count also includes injuries sustained from BB guns, since the Consumer Product Safety Commission has identified them as potentially lethal.

    To analyze the breakdown of schools, including student population and demographics, we relied on data from the US Department of Education and US Census.”

    You can look at the data yourself of course.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comment.

    • Data from fake news CNN? The Communist News Network. So much for credibility. Specious at best. Enough said.

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